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On Friday, April 19, at the weekend night in Akihabara, Maid Cafe “Cinderella legend”.

On Friday, April 19, at the weekend night in Akihabara, Maid Cafe “Cinderella legend”.

Good evening, everyone! In the midst of the continued asthma from the past, the sudden deafness also developed from last week and promptly consulted the Ent.
As a result of the diagnosis, I found the cause of tinnitus and dizziness, but just in case, I was able to inspect the brain, and I received an MRI examination at an external hospital on Friday, April 19.
The hospital of this place also conducts the inspection by the introduction from the hospital where there is no specialized machine though it had been received at the hospital in cycling on Shinjuku after work.
We have established a medical examination center in various parts of Tokyo.
★ MRI (MRI = MagneticResonanceImaging: Magnetic resonance imaging System) MRI is a powerful magnet that can be used to test the body’s organs and blood vessels by using magnetic force.
The machine is such a big thing as the photograph.
I will inspect it for about 30 minutes, but the sound at the time of inspection is put on headphones, so it sounds too useless.
When the inspection is over, it becomes accounting.
The results of the test will be mailed to the family hospital (postage is paid separately).
The inspection price was about 8000 yen.
The only thing you can do is pray for the anomaly.
Now that the inspection is over, I thought I would go straight back to Akihabara at the weekend so I went to buy a board game.
I’m going back to my parents ‘ house next week, so I was thinking of playing board games with my nephew and niece.
When I arrived in Akihabara, I looked around at the board game at Surugaya (game, Secondhand BOOKS, DVD, CD, trading card, figure shop).
Recently, board games are in a quiet fashion and foreign board games are coming into Japan. Unlike video games, it is popular to play with multiple people and to be able to communicate.
I bought a cheap and easy board game.
And when I was watching Twitter, I caught a tweet of the maid of Cinderella legend of Maid Cafe, and decided to meet with her.
Cinderella legend also wrote in the previous article, but it is increasing that I like Ribon- Chan and go to meet.
Next week I’m going home to Osaka and I can’t go to see GW, so there was a feeling I’d like to meet today.
When I entered the shop, Ribon-chan was a very surprised expression, and was pleased to guide me immediately with a smile.
I thought it was good to come to see you when I saw that you were happy to guide me.
First of all, I ordered tomato juice.
The shop was served by three guests and the maid, piled- Chan , quail noodles -chan, Shushu -chan, and Mr . Kuu from 9pm.
There was a new guest in the visitor, and it talked with piled-chan and the Shuyu- Chan very happily.
The Quail Noodle-chan was out to distribute the flyer outside.
I’m in the mood to talk with Ribon- Chan , I ordered a glass of drink to the maid, and we talked about the brain examination and go back to Osaka next week. We talked about coming.
Ribon was very interested in the story of the Maid Café in Osaka, and I was also very easy to talk to. At the Maid Café in Osaka, I was very curious to try to make a meal with the maid’s handmade food.
Because the reaction is rich, and the smile is abundant, it becomes feeling that it is attracted to the charm of Ribon- Chan whenever meeting every time because it talks.
And, piled-chan came to talk to me in between, and at first I thought it was a rookie maid without noticing piled-chan . It is a reflection that it was very rude to piled-chan . (^ ^;)
Piled-chan was a very beautiful beautiful woman and had a pretty white ribbon on her hair last night, and her makeup was different.
Piled-chan is a maid that is easy to talk with a smile well.
And, what do you want to drink tomato juice and the second Cup from Ribon- Chan ? And so I’ve been listening, and tell the joke to go home soon, it was asked to want not to return with a very cute expression, it will remain.

And the Second Cup,Matchmaking photosI ordered the original cocktail with a bromide called.

While I was talking with other customers, Ribon- Chan came back from the outside to talk to me.
The other day, I was late on the 13th birthday, but I was told a birthday celebration, and I ordered the Crystal with a feeling of celebration and talked slowly.
For the first time, I talked about the behavior of the young drunken audience I witnessed when distributing flyers outside the room.
I thought that there were a lot of people who had a problem with the way of drinking sake still listening to her story. She also told me a lot of impressions, and I was impressed with the idea of a firm drink of alcohol.
Mr . Kuku is a veteran maid who has been serving for two years, but I know from the time of the rookie had issued a proper instruction to the maid of the junior as a very respectable maid.
The maid’s growth is early, but I thought that it deteriorated when I think how much growth compared with her growing. → Well, I think it’s hard to grow uncle.
I had such a good time, but I put a two-shot Cheki with Ribon- Chan which I took the other day last. I think that you can understand the goodness of Ribon-chan ‘s smile when actually seeing from Cheki.
I have a maid who wants to meet Cinderella legends , so I think I will come to see you later in May.
I left the shop and went home while wanting to talk with Ribon- Chan AFTER the GW.

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