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Ryu-Dou Tsubame-Sanjo series back fat ramen @ Shop

Ryu-Dou Tsubame-Sanjo series back fat ramen @ Shop

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

Eating MallI was able to send the tasting of.

Thank you very much.

Ryu-Dou Tsubame-Sanjo series back fat ramen



Tsubame-Sanjo is a city in Niigata Prefecture.

Because I don’t know much, I study in the following W

コピー - $R996LPE[1]

To the soup of the back fat system in boiled soy sauce

Thick frizz Flat Noodles


Put out the back fat in the vessel
Not much. Put it all in. Recommended

Warm the Soup

Boil the noodles

My hands are slow, so I’m doing a lot of things.

I think that it is better earlier than Choi mentioned.


Char Siu warmed up too

Onion and onion are sold separately (set soup, back fat, noodle, char siu)

Thank you!

Hey, Shh.

Soy sauce-based soup with a slight aroma of boiled dried

The sweetness spreads very much.

Oh, yeah.

This fat is sweet.

I thought it was a lot of fat at first, but it was better to put them all.

It tastes good.

Because the flat noodle is not thin and thick unexpectedly, is it also liked by the woman?

It is delicious not to boil too much.


High! After all I

I like this char siu.

The hardness was also slightly chewy and the seasoning of the soy sauce win is not too sweet

I entered the vase.

It’s so big!

Char Siu

This is a charm.

If you are interested, it seems to be sold at the following URL.

Char SIU is big!

Oh, I want to eat again. I was hungry.

Purchase from the mall eat the following URL

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