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This is a tavern dish that is outside the downtown area of Hanshin Amagasaki.

This is a tavern dish that is outside the downtown area of Hanshin Amagasaki.

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

The other day my friend’s shop continued to swallow hen

Banff National Park Hen.

After all beer

The draft beer of the day is the Iwate Galaxy Plateau wheat Beer

The draft beer here is delicious.

Any draft is perfect.

This thin tumbler produces the best spout. I do accumulate.

There’s a an effect horrible…

It is a fear of defeating it lightly.

Appetizer Platter 1000 yen

He seems to do half

It’s a good seasoning overall.

It’s nice and simple.

It’s not dark. I like the gentle seasoning.

It is not dangerous because it accede and refill that there is only a lot of things

It’s the best thing to crowned with sake.

Compared to drinking set

Because it is only delicious sake

Accede with peace of mind

Which one do you want? I can not choose even if it is said

It is pleasant because the individuality of sake is various.

Assorted sashimi 1000 yen

There is half of this.


And now

Very delicious sake

The fruity

It’s fun to drink without a snack.

Grilled mackerel

Personally, the fire is passing by.

The person who is weak in the mackerel’s fat says that this is good.

Grilled chicken with fried flavor

It goes very good with beer.

The sweet sauce is very good.

I can understand the condition that this crispy and the place where it woke up a little well.

It is Hiroki. This is my favorite.

I really like it.

I drank something the other other.

I’ll drink again.

Ou-Roku, do you have a relationship with me?

This is my preference when the owner listens to the favor and chooses it.

Because it seems to change every day

I don’t get bored.

I’m glad to have an interesting shop.

Well, I want to drink again.

Only Monday off

The new Year is also open….

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Address 5-8-12 Higashi-Namba-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo
Tel. 06-6487-3030
Business hours 17:00 ~ 24:00 (L.O.23:00)
Closed Sunday Holidays
Parking lot in the neighborhood but you might be able to drink just one cup of noodles
Map Http://
Eating log ( izakaya / Amagasaki Station (Hanshin), Deyashiki station )



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