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Boodeli Pork Cafeteria & Butcher Shop

Boodeli Pork Cafeteria & Butcher Shop


On this day, after shopping at Mitsui Outlet, we went to “Boodeli Pork Cafeteria & Meat Shop” ◎

It is a shop along the Sheep Hill Street.



When I enter the shop, I really feel like a meat shop!

There were many customers who came to buy some meat!



It seems to treat the side dishes besides meat.

All looks delicious!!

These takeout are also popular.




I came to eat in the back of the shop.

The menu is like this!



Of course, there are a variety of pork dishes in the lineup ◎

All of them are attractive!


This time, let’s simply order cut steak ♪

When you tell the shop to that effect, it is passed, and the part of the meat and the number of grams are asked.

It’s a price per 100 grams!



So… make the “pork Loin” “200g”!

You can choose from three types of sauce, usually in “steak sauce”!


I’ve been waiting for a little over ten minutes!


Order cut Steak Gozen pork loin 200g (1040 yen)


I irresistible the smell of meat and steak sauce.

I’ll be happy to!



Even 200 grams of fine volume ♪



It is good to feel the taste of pork with a moderate softness ◎

After all, it is meat of the butcher! No mistake!



I’m glad to have a pig-shabu in the salad too!


Hand pork cutlet (170 yen)


Because I was worried about it in the side Dish corner, it put out when speaking to the shop ◎

This is absolutely delicious!



The gravy is divided by the Menchi cutlet ♪

Soft and juicy! Delicious!

I can also nod that the side dishes Department is popular ◎


The steak and the Menchi cutlet were good meat.

When you are feeling meat, I think it is a shop that does not disappoint!


Also with the line.


Boodeli Pork Cafeteria & Butcher Shop
● Address
3jo 1-7-12, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Business Hours

10:00 ~ 15:00 (LO.14:30)

16:00 ~ 19:00 (LO.18:30)
● Telephone
● Regular holiday
Wednesday, 2nd 4th Thursday

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