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Hunter Killer Dive → The strawberry juice

Hunter Killer Dive → The strawberry juice

Hunter Killer Dive → The strawberry juice


Today (a few days ago)

Sendai Parco 2.6, 7-5 Chuo 3-chome, Aoba-ku

To “Toho Cinemas Sendai”あし

To screen SevenDASH!

I watched “Hunter Killer Dive (subtitle version)” .

It is an action movie depicting the fate of the submarine “Hunter killer” toward the search for the United States Navy nuclear submarine that has been lost in Russia waters.

I was not able to cry, but it was a feeling of considerable tension & stability.


After watching

Espal Sendai Main Building B1 B1F, Chuo 1-chome, Aoba-ku

Renovation Open on April 19th kitchen

“Itagaki” to the Espal storeあし

Order “Strawberry Juice” (400 yen → 300 yen for renewal Open commemoration)ビックリマーク

Complete the accounting, receive the goods, to the Itato-inspaceDASH!

It was Rich & fresh & moderate sweetness & acidity.

Business hours are from 10:00.


I forgot, but I have a fun TV program every week.はてなマーク

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Thank you真顔

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