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It is possible to throw in the cafeteria of Osaka JR Kitashinchi Station (Kita-Shinchi Shokudo)

It is possible to throw in the cafeteria of Osaka JR Kitashinchi Station (Kita-Shinchi Shokudo)

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At the shop that opened the other hour, I came to my friend’s place before Yang.

Last time celebrity henBecause I wrote

This is Kitashinchi cafeteria common people hen.

I wanted to eat it.

Saturday evening is open from 5:00, so it is easy to visit if you are working normally.

I’m doing the night shift until eight in the morning if weekdays

Choi don’t you come to eat delicious rice?

Choi it is difficult to understand, but I came to be able to come even if I (sense of direction) in a building.

I wonder if the second time I quit

Get a drink time ^ ^

Drunk Ready!


Breath to certain person’s

Before I wanted to eat this, I said to the owner, “Mr. O.

I’ve forgotten a lot about you, dork.

I wanted to go further if I could eat here.

It’s too tasty.

The taste is firmly while there is also a ride of the fat none smell

Gon 思hazare is too much mackerel is the impression of people who are not good at mackerel

Recommended for sake and rice

It was a Mokusa of beer.


Mr. Hachibei’s Narazuke

I wanted to see you, W.

Did we meet somewhere the other W



This is the main tonight!

I sat down and ordered a swift order.

Meat sucking!

It’s a meat noodle without udon.

A meat-filled soup? Is that all?

Well, the naming of the ordinary in Osaka

Ugh, it’s a fragrance.

It’s not the most famous and the rough.

I can feel that I finished it carefully with the fragrance of a delicate, refined soup stock.

Meat sucking Banzai

Yes… I’m a little addicted.

I want to eat it.

Because the seven taste was good, too

Just bit of carpenter.

It’s gonna sting.

It’s the best I’ve ever had.

But this time, this is the main food eater

Eat before drinking W

Essential for meat sucking

Give me a meal ^ ^

I got the smallest non-

It’s a beautiful rice.

Oh, yeah.


Further up

It’s so shiny!

In the

The hardness of preference

Surface-solid-click boiling

I ate it after a long time. Favorite Rice

Oh, my… this is a smell.


The liquor is good, too.

Yes, I put it in the North Shinchi.

Because I’m a million-year liquor in through

And then

-Potato Salad

And grilled fish toro mackerel

It’s going to be good!

The rumor that seafood is stocked from Tsukiji

Sticking to the stink that is so disturbing

Pork Rose Radish

Flushed at first.

Satsu a Big Brother

I feel that I like this dish when I eat it so far.


If I greet the bride is a little confusing W


Further fried

The seasoning is ginger soy sauce, yes fragrance

I’m getting drunk. I don’t do what I felt.



I was drinking this kind of stuff.


Steamed chicken Calaiyo…

I’m making it personally at home, but I can’t taste it.

Fragrance is important

This smell is really important. This is a professional guy.

Even more tangy ~ moist without smell

Chicken Lover is hurrah

I want to try to eat the onion oil version personally.


Take your

Mr. Shishimu

Because it eats only, the mouth opens by looking sideways.

You look at it with a smile.

Curry plateful

The menu is a little curry

You can do anything you say, maybe. lol

Gimme a Bite W

Today’s spicy curry

The taste of curry that changes every once is attractive

I like this kind of thing. It’s not complicated.

A complicated curry might be delicious, too.

This is a good time for me to eat curry every day.

Feeling Good eating

Because there is no likeness, and it advances eat that fat fast

Growing up.

I swear.

In addition, Rice special


Cream Stew Too


You’re fat, w

But it looks delicious, handsome.

It is a popular young now ^ ^

It was fun-it was more delicious.

There was a great person next to me, but I couldn’t speak at all.

It’s too delicious to concentrate.

I like the food before the sun.

The shop where the drinker thinks is the best.

Satsu ~ ~ ~ ~

The restaurant where you eat slowly until the first train of Osaka Kitashinchi morning (Celebrity hen)

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The name of the wine
Address 1-3-33 Shinchi Manin Bldg. 1F, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka
Phone number 06-6342-8080
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 23:00 to 19:45 (Sat) 17:00 to 23:00
Closed Sunday Holidays
Parking lot in the neighborhood there is a paid parking
Eating logBefore the SunTavern/Kitashinchi StationOhe-Bashi StationNishi-Umeda Station

The meal menu seems to change very often.


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