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Kansai 鮓 Meidai Sushi Sect (unlikely) @ Sanyo Himeji Station of Hyogo prefecture the famous conger eel Sushi and Osaka sushi (box Sushi)

Kansai 鮓 Meidai Sushi Sect (unlikely) @ Sanyo Himeji Station of Hyogo prefecture the famous conger eel Sushi and Osaka sushi (box Sushi)

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

Recently, there are a lot of hamal stuff.

I’m interested in anything W

I watch it in one piece or YOUTUBE. Right about now.

Had nothing to do with the meal W

Dumpling and fried rice, eel or pasta to say in the dish

There was one more.

Box Sushi (Osaka sushi)

I don’t know what the culture of Osaka is.

How do you say sugar is going to Shali?

I don’t know.

And, it is recognized that it is Kansai sushi that the seed is made to salt and to have it with vinegar.

Well, please check the article here because I do not depend on it. Sweat


Himeji is bustling with the land of the saga Kuroda Kanbei

Because I’m addicted to the drama from the Yae Sakura, I wanted to visit a few.

There was only Himeji station which had come to pick up a relative in memorial service in old times. Sweat

I don’t know anything.

A short walk from the station

It’s a traditional Kansai sushi shop.

The front of the shop is quite crowded, it is a castle town is not related to admire

A big building belongs to you, I guess.





The purpose of the specialty of Himeji is to make sushi.

Sit down and have some booze.

It’s like being run by a family.

It is an image of the young son and parents. What kind of food do you eat?


The inside of the store is a long-established feeling that the material of Himeji Castle is conceived.


Rather than a great old-fashioned kanroku that established in 1929

It is relieved to the service of the mother somehow.

You know what?


Even from noon about the rest!

And you’re famous for Anago, right?

Anago Steamed Anago

It’s a blown and a feather.

It melts, Anago-kun!

Oh, good.

And the three colors box sushi you are looking for

The basic of the box sushi is to put vinegar rice in the bottom of the box, and to put seaweed, and to add sushi rice

And, it seems to put the three kinds of the kick (egg-grilled or shrimp), white, and baked

It seems to be the seed of the sea bream shrimp Anago.

I thought it was normal to Banff National Park the rice in the box sushi.

Gon 思hazare is plump.

Hey, good. This is another shop that I want to eat.





Oh, it was delicious.

Yes, Kansai Sushi, and Anago dish

Baked Anago Delicious.

Aroma will not be forgotten. The work which increases the goodness of the sea bream is done.

Deep-pressed sushi….

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Name Name Dai Sushi sect
Address 58 Minami-machi, Himeji-shi, Hyogo
Phone number 079-281-0395
Opening hours: 11:00 ~ Sold OUT
Closed on Wednesdays
Parking lot
Map Http://
Eating log Sushi sect ( sushi / Sanyo Himeji Station , Himeji station )


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