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Malo (Murrow) More than Words @ Osaka Kamishinjo’s Sindian OPEN try

Malo (Murrow) More than Words @ Osaka Kamishinjo’s Sindian OPEN try

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

This is a bartender who worked in a certain place.

It is an independent shop filled with dreams and hope.

OPEN is just a few months.

It was a celebration, and I went to drink immediately.

Kamishinjo is a few minutes from Umeda in Hankyu, but I have to take the Hanshin train and transfer

A Choi

I’m trying to make a mistake.

I visited again, but twice…

This personAnd visit also fail… w

Difficult Hankyu


The shop was started without a

It seems to be a completely different view from the previous shop.


Let’s see

The master of the sommelier bartender.

Oh, come on, I’ll be hooked once in a while.

Girls especially come to say ^ ^

Mandatory or in


I personally start with gin and tonic everywhere.

Tancurry gin was always drinking.

OPEN first day hair style is also cool, I envy you

Service Nuts

This is so delicious ^ ^

There are some theories that I have already completed

It is quite true to sweet nuts.

Master Boast Light


Choi, belittling

A serious master is a haha


What was that again?

I forgot again…

Negroni It’s delicious.


So the regulars put the wine down.

I’ve got a good thing…

It was like that.

Congratulations very much


It looks like there’s a second floor.


I’ll clean it up.

It seems to be able to correspond to a private gathering in this retreat.


I’ll put the bottle down, too.

First time, grate alone.

Sparkling Wine W

Bella Vista Cuvet

I’m sorry for the bokeh.

As much as I can, I asked.

There’s a top on top

Do-N-bae-li!!!!! I have…

It is a-sorry feast.

And another cup…

Two cups… what do you want me to say…-Sorry

You will be Stephen.


I bought it next to Takoyaki.

Excuse me…


It’s a really fun bar.

It was a long way from Amagasaki.

What makes you want to go?

Is it the charm of the master?

Yes, hospitality and good listener.


People of Kamishinjo

Please go and give it to me ^ ^

You can drink cocktails from 500 yen with no charge.

It is a healing bar.

The dish seems to be gradually from now.

It would be his charm to want to cheer.

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Name Malo (Murrow) more Than words
Address 3-25-15 Toyoshin, Higashi-Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
Phone number 06-6327-8981
Opening hours: 18:00 ~ Next 3:00
Closed irregular
Parking lot
Eating logMaloBar/Kamishinjo Station

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