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No. 321: Yamanaka Castle (a masterpiece of Hojo Castle technology concentrates the Toyotomi army)

No. 321: Yamanaka Castle (a masterpiece of Hojo Castle technology concentrates the Toyotomi army)

Date of Visit: March, 2017

Yamanaka CastleIs a castle in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
This castle, known as a masterpiece by Mr. HojoCountry Historic SitesIs specified inJapan 100 CastleHas been chosen.
In the late 16th century (1560)Hojo UjiyasuIt has been built by. It is a form that captures the Tokaido and is the castleOdawara CastleHas been functioning as a defense of the West.
Mr. HojoIn the age ofHideyoshi ToyotomiThe relationship between the Uchinotai and the improvement of the large-scale renovation, such as the development of Sakide-maru, remains unfinishedOdawara, MasakiMukaeuchi the Toyotomi army to invade.
Even this castle, which can be said to be the smartness of the Hojo fortress technology, was not fulfilled by more than ten times as many as four thousand Hojo.
Of the Hojo people as it was a very fierce electionYasutaka Matsuda, Yasutoshi MamiyaIn the way of the main warlords of Toyotomi, etc.Ichiyanagi, TadashiEtc. are killing death. The castle was abandoned after the battle.

Local Information board. It takes a long time to look around the whole thing, but let’s look carefully.
First, go to the major mouth from the parking lot.

山中城/01三ノ丸堀.jpg  山中城/02三ノ丸堀東.JPG
-Immediately appear from the entranceMitsumaru Hori。 It is a shape to advance the ridge left in the center parallel to the moat.
-The east SideHoriIt seems that water flowed from the reservoir at the top.

山中城/03田尻の池.jpg  山中城/04箱井戸.jpg
Tajiri PondWhat was a swamp in a pond called a reservoir separated by a soil base. It is thought that it was used for the drinking water of the horse etc. The overflowing water was flowing into the Mitsumaru moat.
-Next to the east of Tajiri PondBox wellIt is thought that it was for a drink of the soldier in a slightly high position.

山中城/05登り.jpg  山中城/06元西櫓下の堀.jpg
-We will go up the south of the Marunouchi.
This isMoat of Motonishi YagurashitaIs. It is a place where the height difference with the above-wheel is very large.

山中城/07西の丸への土橋.jpg  山中城/08西ノ丸畝堀.jpg
To Nishino MaruDobashi
-Under the West No MaruRidge MoatIs. This is impressive.

山中城/09西ノ丸障子堀.jpg  山中城/10西櫓堀.jpg
-This is between the west tower and Nishino MaruShoji HoriIs.
This is one of the biggest attractions of Yamanaka Castle and the hallmark of Hojo’s castle, with its more complex and vertically partitioned ridges and a more complicated interior. It is not possible to avoid the arrow that the soldier on the ridge also fell in the moat sideways to shake from the top.
In addition, it will be difficult to crawl up from the trench of the slippery Kanto loam layer when moisture is included.
-Also around the west towerRidge Moat.

山中城/11帯曲西木戸.jpg  山中城/12城碑.jpg
-Hit the West end of the castle areaObi-Song RingAt the timeNishikido.
-Semba Yamanaka CastleCastle Monument

Description of the horse out. According to this, it is understood that the West tower was a horse out to sortie using the left and right wooden bridge, Dobashi from here the soldier collects at the time of the attack.

山中城/13西櫓.jpg  山中城/14西櫓障子堀.jpg
West TowerIs as shown above.EarthyIt is a square melody surrounded by.
Mr. Takeda’sRound horse OutThe castle of Mr. HojoHorn Horse OutAre used.
-Between the west tower and Nishino MaruShoji HoriTo see from the top.

山中城/15複雑な障子堀.jpg  山中城/16西櫓眺望.jpg
-Around hereShoji HoriIs great complexity.
-So, the weather is not good but the West turret is a good place to see the view.

山中城/17西ノ丸堀.jpg  山中城/18溜池.jpg
-In the north of the West No MaruHoriWill continue to fall into the valley.
-Remain in the valley of the east of the West No MaruPond Ruins。 The mechanism of the water storage is left everywhere.

山中城/19西ノ丸.jpg  山中城/20西ノ丸土塁.jpg
Large AreaNishino Maru。 It is a ring which can be called the keystone of the defense of the West.
Remain in the Nishino MaruEarthy

山中城/21西ノ丸見張台.jpg  山中城/22元西櫓へ.jpg
Nishino Maru ObservatoryIs. It is thought that it was important as a communication facility.
-Head to the former West tower in the south.

山中城/23元西櫓.jpg  山中城/24元西櫓木橋.jpg
Motonishi TowerIt is a small tune ring between Nishi No Maru and 2 No Maru, and it seems that it was responsible for the horse out of two no Maru before extending it from the name.
-From Motonishi turret to No. 2 MaruWooden Bridge。 Crossing This bridge is the tiger mouth of the two.

山中城/25二の丸虎口.jpg  山中城/26元西櫓上から.jpg
-Cross the bridge of two-no-maruPassingInvade.
-I am looking at the Motonishi turret from the tower stand of the side of the twin-maru Tiger mouth.

山中城/27二ノ丸.jpg  山中城/二ノ丸虎口(三の丸側)
-The largest in Honjo departmentNo. 2 MaruSeems to have had the purpose of accommodating a lot of soldiers against the narrow honmaru of the area.
It is inclined from the north to the south for some reason.
It seems to go down to the box well towards the Sanno Maru while bending this route.

山中城/28櫓台から本丸木橋.jpg  山中城/29本丸.jpg
-The Honmaru side of the two-no-maru is the wooden bridge from the large tower Honmaru.
HonmaruIs not so wide as it is enclosed by the ground base.

山中城/30天守台.jpg  山中城/31北ノ丸への架橋.jpg
-Honmaru remainTower Tower Ruins。 It is located in the best place in the castle.
To Kitanomaru on the north side of the HonmaruWooden BridgeI know that I was passing by.

山中城/32本丸堀.jpg  山中城/33北ノ丸.jpg
-The moat between the Honmaru and Kitanomaru is stillRidge MoatIt has become.
KitanomaruIs presumed to have played a pretty important role in the place next to the Tower tower ruins.

山中城/35北ノ丸土塁.jpg  山中城/34北ノ丸堀.jpg
-Kitanomaru AlsoEarthyIt is the circle surrounded by.
North of Kitanomaru is very steep and deep wideHoriIs left.

山中城/36兵糧庫.jpg  山中城/37兵糧庫柱穴.jpg
Military Food Depot。 It is said to be a storage place for military or explosives.
Remains in the military food depot markPillar Hole

山中城/38駒形諏訪神社.jpg  山中城/39宗閑寺墓.jpg
It was built as a guardian deity of Yamanaka CastleKomagata Suwa Shrine
Sanno MaruAnd you have to go down toSokan Temple
Here is the tomb of the death of the King Matsuda Yasuyuki, deputy General Mamiya Yasutoshi, and Toyotomi-kata, such as Hojo-kata, and Toyotomi-kata.

山中城/40箱根街道.jpg  山中城/42御馬場曲輪.jpg
Old Tokaido (Hakone Road)From the side ofUchinotai Sakide Maru.
-Uchinotai Sakide Maru boasts a long castle area to the north and south while unfinishedYasutoshi MamiyaIori and it is transmitted that it was crushed. This isBaba, MelodyOfEarthyIt extends to the ahead.

山中城/43御馬場曲輪堀.jpg  山中城/44御馬場曲輪北堀.jpg
BabaIsRidge MoatIs believed to have been.
This isBaba, Howwheel KitaboriAlthough the moat is called, the results of the survey were detected but still seems to be restored.

山中城/45御馬場曲輪全景.jpg  山中城/46一ノ堀.jpg
Baba, MelodyFrom the south side, you can see that it is very long.
-Was built on the west side of the Uchinotai Sakide MaruOne moatA very steepRidge MoatI think it is one of the highlights.

山中城/47すり鉢曲輪見張台.jpg  山中城/48すり鉢曲輪.jpg
-Was built on the wheel side of the mortar hit the edge of the Uchinotai Sakide MaruWatch StandThe view to the city area is open.
MortarI think that it is a remnant that the cutting flatness was sweet, and was unfinished certainly in the mortar shape though it is called a melody.

It has been a Buri revisited for more than 15 years, but it is still in excellent condition.
It is the castle which can fully appreciate the charm of the castle of the soil of Hojo, and it thinks that a large number of killed in war shows the height of the defense power of this castle though it did not have it for the enemy of ten times or more even if it is so.

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