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On Saturday, we had a dinner at Amagasaki lunch at Hanshin Amagasaki Sta. North Station

On Saturday, we had a dinner at Amagasaki lunch at Hanshin Amagasaki Sta. North Station

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

Good yakitori…

The old baked.

The stylish interior…

The old atmosphere…

The staff was very friendly and polite.

There are many shops.

This is a shop to protect old-fashioned cooking, but not excessive customer service

And I want to come to the night because I feel like, and I say that a few months!

It is Saturday lunch.


It is decided to do!!!!!


There’s only one moment I can see.

Maybe the most popular is the hand feather

Great value for money.

Other customers are the rush of the Handfeather-tei on this day.

Pay attention to the sale

My meal

It takes 30 minutes, so I can’t do it before.

I’ll wait today.

Yes, I can.

30 minutes

It was long.

While seeing other customers ‘ hand-feather



Seasoning is gentle

The scent is thick eyes

It comes to the place where it is hungry with various scents.


The Hanging!

They are a jerk


In addition

Kasujiru is good


This creamy Kasujiru

I ate this kind of delicacy for the second time.

I ate at a certain bar the other day, and this is the second time today.

I like this loving.


Steamed chicken Rice set with 3 yakitori skewers


A long-established sauce comes to the body.

I like the leather sauce.

Is it a chicken or is it good to some extent? sauce

Well, that’s a yes.

I thought it was absolutely crisp to burn the salt.

I’m taught here, skin is a sauce.

Yakitori is a shop that made me feel the sauce

Choi’ve challenged

In Kamrice


The white one seems to be better.

But it was a night.

I want to eat it thoroughly at night.

At the counter

Two people wanted to join the war W

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    にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

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