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The Maharaja Osaka (MAHALAJA OSAKA) @ Hankyu Higashi-dori shopping street opens a bubble shop

The Maharaja Osaka (MAHALAJA OSAKA) @ Hankyu Higashi-dori shopping street opens a bubble shop

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

What was popular at the time of the valve…



And! I watched this story on TV, and as soon as I heard it,

Ikoi, Take me!

The Maharaja Disco, which was pre-open, is now a club? I don’t even know what that feels like.

Can you dance like an image in a disco?

No, I don’t understand.


I didn’t know it was a pre-opening in Osaka Umeda.

The opening seems to be on April 23rd.

Oh, today! It seems that TRF’s YU-KI is coming today.

Is it quick?

I will pay the admission immediately, the man 3000 yen woman 2,000 yen

You can have two drinks with you on the ticket.


Leave your luggage in the locker.

Money doesn’t come back, but…

Do you want to drink a glass before the atmosphere?

I’m nervous.


Give me your ticket.

Let’s put something in there.

Dance is not the absolute weak.

But I high spirits to be drunk.

I want to go right away, but I watch with patience.

-Sorry in photos of breble

Usual Guy W

Because the taste is not a bar, there is no way.

I have a 70-year-old Father dance lecture.

It’s good to move your body to the sound you like

If you look at something, you’ll be fine.

So let’s do it.

I somehow see it in the live house sense W

I try to move to the rhythm somehow

It’s kind of weird.

Don’t worry about the public eye! Right

Enjoy what you won

A lot of dancers come out and it’s so fragile.

There’s a lot of halls.

I’m too excited to dance.



Just a little bit.

It’s too fragile.

I don’t know. I taught you to play.


I got a big voice and I was thirsty.


Beer beer


The second Cup is finished by issuing the ticket.

Oh, it’s muscle pain.

You’re so fragile. Yeah, I exercised.

Come again W

It’s a bad game, but not really, it’s an exercise.

When you come Choi, you have to come in parentheses.

It’s a dress code.

I want to put it in the air.

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name Maharaja Osaka (MAHALAJA OSAKA)
Address Higashi-Dori building 10-3 Doyama-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
Phone number 06-6130-7115
Business Hours: 19:00-the next day
Closed Monday
Parking lot entrance charge is female = 2,000 yen, male = 3000 yen (with 2 drinks)

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