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Tsujimoto, a corner shot of Amagasaki @JR

Tsujimoto, a corner shot of Amagasaki @JR

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

When are you talking about?

I do not know, but I visited W

It was a quiet distance from the station.

I have a standing drink.

Maybe it’s an oasis.

Is it a great walk from the station?

About fifteen minutes.

Tsujimoto Liquor Store

If you try to enter the side

The old-fashioned shopping street is something nostalgic atmosphere like a shopping street in the neighborhood of old

I feel the dark Darkness is eerie…

I like that.

The atmosphere of a cheerful shopping district


I’m doing this standing drinking.

Feel the atmosphere of the back and play with the squirming

This potential.


Liquor Please W

W to be excited to see this kind of

It’s a personal preference.

You can find it from the refrigerator without the menu.

This is fun.

The menu is like this

Stewed Radish Konjac

A boiled dish is something unique, isn’t it? So I try to eat W

It is such a dish, too.

I remember you. No, no, no, no.

I like the feeling that I’m going to be a hoko.


I’ll be drinking again.

With this word, I played with my big brother.

I’ll put you in a drink or something.

Spicy Wiener

I don’t like red Wiener. I like the way the skin is crisp.

I like this kind of thing.

I’m very sorry.

It was a sign, but… golf? Boat?


I was able to come to nun. Amazing people

Now I’m going back with a small raw

The staff were very friendly and helpful.

The friend of drunk person who loves sake W


I’ll laugh when I remember

I wonder if I could be sane

Because it was the first experience of this shop.

I might be sleeping if you know the shop W

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop Name Tsujimoto Liquor Store
Address 2-9-71 Sumoto-dori, Amagasaki Mayor , Hyogo Prefecture
Phone number 06-6481-7156
Business hours 16:00 ~ 20:30
Closed on holidays
Do not drink if it is a parking lot W
Eating log Tsujimoto liquor store ( Standing Tavern/bar / Amagasaki Station (JR))

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