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Udon noodles at Heisei Noodle Factory @ Hankyu Juso

Udon noodles at Heisei Noodle Factory @ Hankyu Juso

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

I want to eat in a tight!!!

What a noodle!

I want to drink Japanese soup instead of ramen.

I love Japanese style soup.

Aim to be a stock sommelier! W

I remembered that there was a thin udon.


Udon Noodle Factory

It’s been a long time, trade name.

It doesn’t matter what’s complicated.

Yeah, I’m a moderate person.


Railways to the top of the menu.

Of course, in Caspar.

The eggs are so gentle on the stomach.


That’s fine. Just eat what you want.

The curry udon that is not out of the gate is not fluttering to the character of limitation! ^ ^

Blogger I don’t have a soul.

Boiled egg and noodles

Tenkas are in the bag. You got it.

I feel like my stomach is down.

I have a soup stock…


Oh, my God!

The inside of my mouth

The sweat that I did

But Ume ~ ~ ~ The salt of the broth is the best sweetness is also my favorite feeling

There is a scent of the clause

The taste sweetness of the oil scum is,

Animal-scented Choi of some of the oil scum at the end of the



This taste is great.

But Tenkas don’t need this… too greasy for people after they gasped.

You might want to come in for lunch.

Next time, let’s order without the heavens.


The noodles are not thin or udon.

I’ll stick it in my waist.


Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Good ~ Udon after gasped

It’s hard to eat if you udon thick.

It will be aimed at fine udon to be able to go after gasped

At night, I could also have a pot.

Your brother, are you listening? But I wonder if it’s a Korea-ish pot!

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name Udon fool Heisei-made noodles
Address 1-23-24 Juzo-machi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka bypass overpass

Phone number 06-6885-8518

Business hours 11:30 ~ 15:00 ・ 17:30 ~ 24:00

Closed Monday
Parking lot
Eating log udon noodle fool Heisei ramen ( udon / Juso station , Tsukamoto station )


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