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“Your Fault” anime “young Pig does not dream of Senior Bunny Girl” Review!

“Your Fault” anime “young Pig does not dream of Senior Bunny Girl” Review!



“Your Fault” anime “young Pig does not dream of Senior Bunny Girl” Review!



Broadcast time Fall 2018 Anime
Original Kamoshida
Official site Https://

A sophomore at Minegahara High School, Azusagawa Saki encounters a bunny girl in a library one day. The true identity was Mai Sakurajima, a national actress who was inactive in the third grade of the same high school as Saki-ta. Mai stands out from the perimeter, but somehow her appearance was not visible to the people around…


Evaluation score: 85 POINTS ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


It’s your fault. Anime

When I saw the first episode of this anime, the most memorable thing was the OP.
I laughed a little to this OP, which starts with the intro to call your fault.
At first, I thought this song was a memorable song.

However, as I continue to look at the main story, it seems to be the perfect song to represent this anime.

Now, I can say that the work is “your fault” anime.
What does this mean?

It is a work that the story progresses by the relation between the heroine and the hero.
For the heroine, even for the hero, the story proceeds in the “Your Fault”.

What you take for granted, and you say, but this is a surprisingly small anime.
This is impossible if the hero who takes time firmly must describe the inside of the character, and the main character who moves the story actively does not play an active part.

As an example of not being able to do this, I think that it is “untenable, different world reincarnation thing”.

The hero is only happened to the flow of the event which occurred in the setting and the view of the world.
The heroine comes to like why only the hero of such being swept.
Therefore, the heroine also has no charm, only the synopsis is interesting after all.
Such a miserable work is not few.


However, the work is different now.
In just one cool, I draw a character firmly, make them mingle, and move the story.

And, surprisingly, the work now ends the episode with one heroine in three episodes, and incorporates the episode of four people in one cool.
In the midst of only three episodes, how did you draw an attractive relationship and make it a “your fault” story?

First of all, there is a accents of the setting in one of the victory causes.


Adolescent syndrome

The characteristic setting of this work is a setting called Puberty Syndrome.
This is a disease that develops only in adolescent boys and girls, and the symptoms vary.

For example, the first heroine, Mai Sakurajima’s adolescent syndrome, is a symptom of no longer being recognized.
So, despite the ultra-popular actress, hung out become a bunny girl figure.
Because I want to be recognized from around.

In addition, there is a heroine who became two people split personality, or a heroine that causes the loop phenomenon…

These outrageous settings are very good as hooks that attract viewers to the story.


However, the puberty syndrome setting of this work is not just over the hook.

First of all, the main character has experienced this puberty syndrome.
Therefore, only in the Sakuchu can perceive the case of puberty syndrome (e.g., invisible existence is visible).
This is very smooth as the introduction of the relationship between the heroine and the hero.

The introduction of the story which tends to take time can be considerably short.


In addition, the place where the setting is excellent is to be connected to the inside depiction of the heroine as it is.

Cases of adolescent syndrome are directly linked to the heroine’s complex and worries.
Therefore, it is possible to do the inside depiction visually.
And, it is possible to make the relation which depresses the inside of the heroine as it is by the hero’s trying to cure the syndrome.

The setting of puberty syndrome is an excellent setting which can do both the smooth flow of the story and the deep digging of the character by the inside description.


The existence that moves the story

Then, the hero of the work now, the unreliable hero is swayed by the setting of this adolescent syndrome.

As for the beginning, it is so.

The main character who lived a peaceful school life is caught in trouble because it can perceive the symptom of the adolescent syndrome.
I saw a senior who was longing to roam in a bunny girl, and he would speak involuntarily.

At first, for the main character, “The Fault of the heroine” I was involved in every hassle, the way it started.


However, it is not to help the heroine as it is.

I want to be able to help the heroine because I have the sickness (adolescent syndrome) not recognized from the world Similarly, and can sympathize.
I think I’ll act to save her.

And his great point is that he really acts on anything.
Because it is the hero who has the experience isolated from the people named the Adolescent syndrome, it is unleashed from the unfettered, faces the heroine complex from the front, and tries to treat the adolescent syndrome.

The appearance is cool, and thinks that it is cool even if it sees from the man.


Seeing such a hero, the heart of the heroine shakes.

Sometimes the symptoms that seem to have been resolved may worsen.
It’s because I fell in love with the hero.

The cause which was inherent in me up to now becomes “because of You (Hero)”.
And, the hero and the heroine become together and toward the solution.
The drama here, but very interesting.


When the hero acts and moves the person’s heart, the drama is Born, and the charm is caused to the story.
This is because the main character in the center of the story is solid.

The hero of the work is a buoyant person, but it is likely to be able to play the role “hero” splendidly.


Charming heroines.

I have talked passionately about the hero, but I must not forget the charm of the heroine.

Now, there is no dislodged heroine.
Everyone is cute.

There is also that the character de za is excellent, but it will be big to be able to deep down the character firmly still.
The complex and the trouble which causes the youth syndrome are not abnormal one, and it is a trouble to think once if it is an adolescent boy and girl.

I’m afraid of being able to get my real self out of my friends, and not be able to accept my distorted self.
Such, if you look from an adult perspective, sweet and sour, but desperate worries to the people concerned.
These girls are struggling hard.

The girls who suffer in this way cannot sympathize.
And, it is understood well that the heroine falls in love with him when it appears dashing, and it sees the hero who saves the girl in the empathy to girls.

When you come this far, the charm of the heroine is not lowered.
They sprout in love and behavior to be anxious.
It becomes a pig obediently.


The heroine of the setting which seems to be lanobe is not crazy though the work now is a lanabe animation.
There are a lot of ordinary girls, so it will be able to get empathy smoothly.

And fierce tsundere girls, people who are tired of character too strong habit I think many heroines seem to be cute and safe.


The strongest main heroine

The first heroine of the work now, the main heroine.
It is Mai Saijo.

In the animation that there are several heroines like the work now, the shadow of the main heroine becomes thin by all means in the second half.

In such a work, at the time of the story of other heroine, the hero is almost close to the flirt, or become a good relationship with the heroine.
It becomes difficult to advance the story if it is made to recognize it clearly in the main heroine.
So, in normal work, while the main character is entering the root of another heroine, it is not much depicted in the primary heroine, it becomes air as a result.

However, the work does not become it now.
Mai Saijo has always demonstrated its presence and is consistent with the position of the hero’s partner in Sakuchu.
The reason why such a thing is possible is that she is an “adult” heroine.

In fact, she is “adult” including not only such a age meaning but also the action though it is senior character older than the hero.

First of all, if it is a normal girl, she will take the situation calmly and cheer for it if it is correct that the hero is trying to do even in the scene where it says the flirt and is jealous.
I understand and support a person who does not only move with his own feelings but also the person whom I love that is the person who does such a thing, and should do.

Is the word “able woman” perfect?
Anyway, it is not only pretty, but also the charm as man exists firmly.
So, even in the root of the other heroine, she can be hassling with the hero firmly, and can unleash a presence.


Of course, the charm as a heroine is also equipped firmly.

The above-mentioned elements will make you feel rational and a little far away.
However, Mai’s seniors are different.
It is good to depend on the hero well.

For example, in the scene where the main character is interacting with other heroines, jealousy shows firmly.
This jealous representation is very good.
In the world, there are many heroines who act as violent acts on the hero suddenly, but she is different.
While rooting for the main character, I also appeal to myself (later).
This is very cute.

Not only that, you can do something in surprise to the hero of Mai, and if you approach or sensing the loneliness, it will be firmly embarrassed.
It is pretty that such a girl seems to show firmly.


Good love comedy anime after a long time

By making good use of the setting, and depicting the character firmly, it is a work that was drawn a high-quality love drama.
To a cute heroine, it became a pig obediently, it was able to sprout.

One, if there is a complaint, I wonder if the lines of the hero smell Lanabe.
It’s not that I can’t stand it, but it’s a little cold in those lines…

However, there is no doubt that it was a good work Lanbebe anime that can be recommended to anyone with high quality.
However, it is a pity that it ends in a slightly half-baked place.

It is hoped that it will be completed neatly in the theatrical work scheduled to be published.





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