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Akihabara’s maid Cafe “Akiba absolute Area No. 2 Shop” first infiltration…

Akihabara’s maid Cafe “Akiba absolute Area No. 2 Shop” first infiltration…

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The following articles are updated in August 2018.
Good morning everyone. Since we could not update last week, we will continue to write new articles.
Before that, last night, the readers of the blog came around the Koncafé of Akihabara (a concept café stands) and sent me a DM on Twitter.
The shop I went to was an affiliate Acronis, Lillian Prian , a cat maid shop , and a melty plant .
It was a good place to stay in the hotel.
I am glad to be able to learn the enjoyment to spend at the Koncafé in Akihabara because it is possible to take a round today.
Because I was anxious because it was a person who had been very excited because there was a question about the Con café in the DM beforehand, I was relieved to know the impression, too.
It becomes the desire to write the blog so that it is able to carry the foot only by knowing the Maid café (including the Con Café) through the blog like this.
I will introduce the shop that I went to new immediately in such a good mood.
I went to Akihabara at the concept Café “Akiba Absolute Area No. 2” on my Way home from work last Friday (August 24th).
I think many of you already know the first shop of “Akiba absolute area “.
In the concept café of Akihabara, it is a popular shop, and there are a lot of regulars who frequently attend the service which entertains the maid’s charm and live.
I also went to the first store, but I was able to experience that I can not usually with Moe Moe feeling full-featured, wearing a cat ear headband from the maid’s head and the charm.
The second store had changed the concept a little and I was also worried about listening to the reputation.
It comes to the ear that the regular of the absolute area is talking about the two shops in Akiba Absolute area to the maid’s in other concept café.
It was a very calm feeling that the first store had a lot of sake, and it was made for the person who drank sake.
Because it seems to have a good reputation, I thought I would like to go there soon.
I was planning to go to another shop on this day when I arrived in Akihabara.
I met the maid of Akiba Absolute Area No. 2 shop that had been handed out flyers when walking the intersection of Chuo-dori “How about the shop is relaxed?” I was asked to put the word of the invitation.
Because it was the shop which had been anxious as I had written above, I decided to make a detour.
In the meantime, the shop was talking about the maid who guided me and the shop where I often go to Akihabara, where I was talking about the second shop, and where I went.
Arrived at Akiba Absolute Area No. 2 store.
By the way, the first store is the second store and the tip of the nose, it takes less than a minute.
So I think it is good to try to go around the store No. 1, No. 2.

The shop was on the second floor and was raised by an elevator.

When I opened the door, I was surprised that it was a classic and somewhat dubious space.
The atmosphere is the opposite of the bright atmosphere of the first store.
Fortunately, we were able to take photos of the store in less time.
Mr. Maid, I was able to take a picture of the store if the customer and the maid did not enter so feel free to say that it is OK.
The store is divided into counter seats and table seats.
So, it is easy to introduce the system of the shop.

What kind of shop is Akiba absolute Area No. 2 Store? 】

The official WEBSITE is written as follows.

In Akihabara’s maid Cafe and Maid Café “Akiba absolute area”, cats who want to give back to the people (cast) in the absolute area that the God made
It is a maid café serving as a figure of the Gengen. 」

It’s a concept of a cat, and you can talk with a cat in a classical space
It is a store to spend a relaxing while enjoying a commemorative photograph and listening to the cat’s live.
In addition, you can experience moe Moe Kyun because you put a spell that will be delicious to cook and drink!

< Address >

3-1-15 chopstick Masaru Bldg. 2f, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

It is about 5 minutes walk from JR Akihabara station.

※ Access map of the shop on the homepage

It is.


TEL: 03-6876-4178


< Opening hours >

Open all year round

Opening hours: 12:00 to 22:00.

(Same as weekends and holidays)

※ Because it may be different from the above in the weather such as typhoon, heavy snow, please confirm it with official Twitter.


< System >

● Charge fee of 600 yen per hour is required

(Separately, a drink-link system)

* The charge charge and the wand link are necessary in 60 minutes when exceeding 1 hour.

※ It is an automatic extension system.

All seats are non-smoking.

* Smoking rooms are provided.
-Can be recharged smartphone.
※ You will be asked to charge it to hand to the maid without the outlet in each seat.
Then, I will introduce more about the shop.
There is a stage in the shop, and the maid is taking the commemorative cheki here and live.

The walls of the restaurant are decorated and the ceiling has a luxurious chandelier-shaped lighting.

The bear’s head is decorated in the forehead, but this is a stuffed animal.

This is the wall seen from the counter seat.

We have prepared and arranged classical furnishings and ornaments to detail.

After I asked the maid to explain the menu, I thought about what to do while looking at the menu.
It is a menu, but it is considered also for the foreigner’s visitor though the same as the first shop in Akiba Absolute area , and both English and Chinese are shown in the photograph.
The absolute area of Akiba has been highly acclaimed for its Overseas travel review site, “TripAdvisor” .
The Concept café in Akihabara is not yet well-equipped for overseas customers and is currently the main customer of Japanese customers.
In the midst of this, a major @ HoHo Café is also offering a variety of services to overseas customers, and the maid’s training is conducted in English, and the menu is also home page
It is available in English, Chinese and Korea languages.
Of course, the Trip Advisor mentioned above is also highly acclaimed.
So many foreign customers visit us on weekdays.
Akiba Absolute Area also sees the correspondence of the menu and flyers, and it is understood that the customer of the foreigner is the clientele after the Japanese.
I chose the set menu “Cat’s cocktail set” .
I chose it because the cocktail and the maid were taken together with two maids (called Harlem Cheki).
There are other hamburger, omurice, and desserts in the set.

The menu is also listed on the official WEBSITE of the shop, so please take a look.
One example is as follows.
Hamburger Steak
Hamburger Steak 1300 Yen
(Demi-glace sauce, tomato sauce)
Chicken Steak 1200 Yen
Western food
・Curry Omurice 1400 Yen
Om Hayashi Rice 1400 yen
Demeglass Omurice 1400 Yen
Bolognese 1100 yen
・Mushroom Cream 1100 yen
・Carbonara 1100 yen
・ Neapolitan 1100 yen
In addition, there are a lot of food such as a dish and a snack.
There are many kinds of soft drinks and sake, so you can enjoy both drinking and drink.

After a while, the maid brought a shaker to make a cocktail.

It shakes in front of you and makes it, but it does not only shake but also make a spell.
It started with the explanation of the spell from the maid, but this spell is a little long, and it becomes the extremity of embarrassment because I have to say aloud together after the maid in between. (^ ^;)
But, this spell is recommended for those who want to taste the feeling Moe in the impressive enough because it comes with Kyun and operation to cast a cute maid.
The finished cocktail is here. It was made with alcohol this time.
Because I can do non-AL, I want you to order it willingly.
Maid, “Please choose the maid to take the Cheki together from the maid that you are serving” and showed me the maid of the waiter is stuck on the Cork board.
I was waiting for the three maids to pick two of them and took them.
The person who took it was a handsome dressed in charge of cooking.
The pose was the maid’s designation but still this is embarrassing.
But it is good to be caught in the maid’s.
I thought that this price might be advantageous in the set menu.
It is a supplement, but the Cheki is also a single item menu (per maid) 600 yen.
We also sell bromide and Cheki book.
After that, I had taken a memo of the state of the shop, but I answered that I have taken a note to write a blog because I have asked curious what the maid’s writing.
After that I talked about the shop of the story and the absolute area of the blog, but I wanted to become a maid because one of the maids became the first maid in Akiba, And I was still longing to maid if you ask whether you have applied to the absolute area akiba, so I searched and found a cute maid café when you apply.
Certainly no. 1 store has a lot of cute maids and I was also convinced to choose as a shop you want to serve because it feels good and bright interior.
The maid talked to me in between the waiter, so I could not be bored or even alone.
And I ordered the cake in addition.
It was worrisome because the paper that the illustration of Maid-San was drawn was stuck in the cake while it was on the menu.

According to the maid’s story, when you eat, you can see the absolute area part of the illustration.

This illustration shows that a famous designer was drawn.

It was delicious although it was a combination not good with a cake for sake.
Of course, the Absolute area was able to be seen.
Absolute Area refers to the exposed portion of the thigh of the legs between the skirt and knee high socks.
I was going to stay around 9pm for an hour, so I asked the maid to check it out.
The point card of Akiba Absolute area is the first store, and if you have been to the first store because it is common in No. 2 store, please present the point card made at that time.
It was only for one hour, but I was able to have a good time and was put off by the maid and started feeling well.

[Finally put together…]

It is a shop to put in peace willingly even for the first time Maid Café.

-It is recommended for those who want to go to the Maid Café in the daytime in Tokyo tourism because it is open from noon on weekdays.

-You can experience Moe Moe seems maid Café.

Drink is drinkable because the sake is substantial, both can enjoy the person who can not drink.

Food can also enjoy meals because there is also hamburger or delicious menu.

It is not left because the maid comes to talk positively with a smile.

There is no WIFI (available for foreigners)

It is also possible to accommodate in multiplayer, such as four and eight people because table seats are many.

-Set menu is a great deal with live and Cheki set.

-The menu is available in English and Chinese, so foreigners can respond.


You can enjoy two shops that have different atmosphere when you visit No. 1 and No. 2 shop in the Maid Café, which is popular in Akihabara.

As I wrote above, it is a cozy shop, so I would like you to visit us as memories of sightseeing if you come to Akihabara from afar.

Also, in Tokyo, I want to recommend to those who want to enjoy to go to the Maid café willingly in the suburbs.


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Sunday, April 21, 2019 at Akihabara’s maid Cafe “Akiba Absolute Area AD1912”

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