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Chinese cuisine Kushiyaki Fuku (Long-FU) @ Osaka Thirteen deep rush to eat cheap

Chinese cuisine Kushiyaki Fuku (Long-FU) @ Osaka Thirteen deep rush to eat cheap

Please, push… two… please.
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It is here that I had been anxious for a while.

I don’t know why.

It’s so deep.


It is done by the husband family and the employee in China. I don’t know my age. I feel so young.

Moved to Japan single and

Your daughter’s wife Japan to follow.

It is said that it is a daughter junior high school pupil. I’ll help you when school is over.

Do you want to play?

It seems to be half Chinese customers.

That space is so fragile.

I hate going to a country where language is not understood.

But I love this space because I can enjoy it in a certain time.

Chinese parent-child conversation in Chinese

I don’t know what you’re talking about. The feeling of fear is a foreign atmosphere.

Yes I’m scared…
Beer and

Appetizer Service )

It’s cheap. Snack Menu

Let’s have a little bit from here.

コピー - R0029066[1]


Shaoxing Wine Rock

Van Bungy

It’s cheap. 280 yen.


It smells a reluctant.

The owner of this shop is also a hallmark!

Fried Chicken 580 yen

This isn’t too bad. It’s delicious.

It’s not on the Japanese menu.

When you look at the Chinese menu

The character of the Sheep

And one hundred yen

Then I’ll receive only two.

It’s bigger than the Nihonbashi!!!

This is a plain type

The other side is juicy type

The shop cooks in the kitchen.

The shopkeeper tells me that Chinese like sheep skewers.

This story is not very good. .

Please give your daughter an interpreter’s role.

Your daughter is really Japanese good at pronunciation.

I have no more sweat

So much
The sheep spoke… Back to the story

The scent of cumin goes to the body.

The cumin is quite thick.

The scent of sheep is hardly here.

It’s easy to eat.

And maybe if I eat this a few more, I’ll see the symptoms again.

I wanted to eat more, but this day is already full of stomachs.


It happened that the sheep

I’m glad to be worried about fried rice.DeniloBecause he said…

I can’t read other Chinese menu.

Third stage shrimp from the top on the left!

I do not know at all Wコピー - R0029083[1]
But the deep menu insect system is absolutely impossible.

There seems to be sweat

I went there one more time W

I tried it with spicy tofu.
I notice that there is something I like.

I don’t like hemp too much. Sweat

I’m sure you like a strange hemp grandmother.


See you on the skewer.

None of these skewers have cumin.

I asked the master in the atmosphere like what you left

With some nice chewy stuff

I got a mutton skewer.

I asked for a ton of feet.


Anyway, it’s cumin.

Please pay attention to the number.

Just pig foot is also nice W

Squid legs tempura cumin w


This is a fit.
Quite a bit.

I’m already hungry.

I asked too.

It is said to be Chinese bun.

It’s like a loaf of bread.


Quite like

The dust.

Firm and Chewy

Spread butter scent and salt

Be quite a belly

Chinese bun Good Yan

It’s different from bread.


The back menu seems to have various

I’m afraid.

The owner’s family loves Japan very much.

I feel like Chinese pronunciation is scary, but it’s unique to the country.

I was very kind to hear your story.

It is easy to do.

There is a back menu or a hidden menu. Sweat

The Chinese menu and all other menus are in the bottom of the article click Read more

When you leave, click on two pieces.
 Eating blog ranking にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ    in Japan blog Village Kansai    

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Chinese Restaurant Kushiyaki Fuku
Address 1-14-7 Tomitsumachi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan
Phone number 06-6309-8861
Open 24 hours a day
No closed
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コピー - R0029070[1]
コピー - R0029069[1]
コピー - R0029068[1]
コピー - R0029066[1]

コピー - R0029071[1]

コピー - R0029083[1]
コピー - R0029085[1]

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