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Closed: Sushi Daiken @ Kyoto Prefecture Nanzenji edomae with an atmosphere of the site

Closed: Sushi Daiken @ Kyoto Prefecture Nanzenji edomae with an atmosphere of the site

Please, push… two… please.
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Is Kyoto also good sometimes?

Do you want to go on an expedition?

Cherry blossom season

The bus will never ride, and the sweat will be great.

It seems better to go by train and foot, but the path I went to IS

From Hanshin Amagasaki to Hankyu Umeda

Ride to Kawaramachi

The bus stop at the Hankyu Kawaramachi station is difficult to understand. I looked for the equivalent.

Too far away from the bus stop straying astray

If you think I could finally get in.


It’s better to walk with the train.

Absolute recommendation


Weeping Cherry Tree Good season

There is a great, beautiful tea house.

Just off the bus.

In the alley in front of me.

The scenery which forgets a crowded bus

Is it emotional?


Is this a lake Biwa hydrophobic?

I’m not in time for that.

That’s what I hate the most.



Yes, let’s go to Kyoto.

I’m going to have a drink, Yang.


Nanzenji suddenly appear on the grounds

This shop

A shop called Daan

On its premises

It seems that sushi was started, and it was called for tasting.

This is the first time…

I wonder if I can do it without a rough phase.

Passing through the gate

Daan Right

The left is like a place where you can eat sushi called the great Power that has been opened this year




I’ll be waiting for you.

You came to pick me up…-Sorry…… the bus…

Excuse me for saying something.

To the store

This is great.

The autumnal leaves are the best!

Luxury is a shop that heals your eyes, mouth and soul.


The scenery from the counter

Wide view to the window not much ^ ^

Lunch Menu

I’ll leave it to you.


Drinks are also

I have to.

Eat delicious.

Do you have likes and dislikes?

I’ll leave it to you.



Before you wash your hands…

I was putting up with the bus. Sweat.

Then, I’d like to have a restroom next to Daan.

Ugh… wow.

The sense of quality drifts here, too.

Something unfamiliar.

In a photograph.

Leaks… excuse me.

Would you like to go to the restroom?



Then start

The general of this place seems to be coming by a single assignment from Tokyo.

It seems to have been trained with Ginza Kyubei and Ginza Sushi ichi.

You can eat the sushi of the real top-notch home.

I’m looking forward to


Fried Firefly Squid of a small bowl


White and a moderate texture remains

The rice is untied in the mouth.

Is this feeling a Edomae direct biography?

I was the first time

It is not so much in Kansai that it is more refreshing with vinegar than sweetness.

Gold medal snapper

They are very fat

And it feels like there is a rich fat gold medal


The squid which is chewy and has the umami is taste the elegance and the luxury.

You’re going to wipe your hands.

Oh, such care is also high-seo ^ ^

Spanish mackerel grilled

The red core radish is very beautiful.

The view is very beautiful

The illusion of eating in the middle of the garden

A flat shell

I still don’t like shellfish life very much.

I think that this shellfish was easy to eat because it is delicious.

Cold Sake
Dassai Festival (SAI) junmai Daiginjo Shine Miharu

Tuna Pickle

I still like the seed that takes time.

I can feel that the exquisite aroma of citrus is faint.

Gon 思hazare is deliciousR0029625[1]


The red soup of Shishimi

The fruits

I don’t usually eat much.

Is it so delicious?

That’s amazing.

Is the condition of Shari good with the winding?

If you sit like this, it just feels good.

Is it different from a roll?


I spent four, fifty minutes of the time and effort of the striped shrimp

Grilled sushi filled with passion


Well, I’m just trying to be consistent.

Balance is the best w

All Delicious

It’s not like I’ve ever eaten in Kansai.

I was able to enjoy the difference of the culture shock of a food cultural ^ ^


Way back from here

Is it a custom to have different exits?

The café is also on the premises.


I’ve been to the article without permission

I wonder if it was good ~ sweat

Thank you for inviting me.

You had better get a call for lunch.
It is possible to open it by reservation even if it is closed.

When you leave, click on two pieces.
 Eating blog ranking にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ    in Japan blog Village Kansai    

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name Sushi Ohpower
Address 81 Nanzenji Kusagawa-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

Phone number 075-752-4334
Opening hours lunch 12:00-17:30-22:00
Closed on Sundays (open depending on reservation)
Home Page
Eating log sushi daipower ( zushi / Keon station )

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