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Evian “Morning A Set”

Evian “Morning A Set”

Evian “Morning A Set”


Today’s lunch (a few days ago)

Espal Sendai Main Building B1 B1F, Chuo 1-chome, Aoba-ku

Renovation Open on April 19th kitchen

To “Evian Estpal”あし

I was disturbed by Hisashi Buri. (Last time here )


Pre-store Menu目


To the storeDASH!

It is a table seat.


Morning Menu目


Order our recommended & Limited quantity & up to 11 “Morning a set” (550 yen)ビックリマーク

This week’s bread is an egg and cucumber hot sandwich.

You can choose from seven kinds of drinks and iced coffee.


It is water.


Provided in about five minutesビックリマーク

Eggs and cucumber sandwiches are baked and roasted, crispy & medium huビックリマーク

Salad and Wiener are served.

Blueberry Yogurt for dessert!!

The iced coffee was a taste of stability.


The business hours are from 7:30pm.


I forgot the secret to being a good couple.はてなマーク

▼ Today Limited! Blog Stamps


ラスト・プレゼント [DVD] Last Gift [DVD]

2,680 yen


Thank you very much.真顔

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