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It is healed by Yamamoto sake Shop and Daikoku Masamune.

It is healed by Yamamoto sake Shop and Daikoku Masamune.

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There are two big shopping districts in our town.

There is a sanwa shopping street and a central shopping street,

I heard there’s a good liquor store in the neighboring town.


It is a shopping street in the Amagasaki city of Hangzhou.

The shopping street here is also quite large, isn’t it?


The atmosphere in the store is very good.

And the sense of Mr. Yamamoto is great.

All POP in the shop was drawn by the self-made

The signboard and the display of the lid scrap of the liquor barrel are also so.


I’m not good at that, but I admire it many times.

I want to.



I can never do that.

Even so

Pleasant customer service shines with a couple,

I’m weak in this kind of thing

Wine is not the main, but I’ll deal with this.


That’s why I came to buy it today.

Daikoku MasamuneHttp://

I’m here to make you a tasting.

And then

Let me drink it with my mouth.

You will be impressed by the very polite explanation of Mr. Yamamoto’s personality.

So if you drink this much, it will feel good

I wonder which one to buy? I don’t know.

It’s delicious.

It’s fun to see different personalities

That’s why I like tasting.


You taught me how to swallow a new way.


I dropped a piece of ice and drank it.

I think there are some who are thin,

This is my favorite way of drinking and I told him, “It’s okay.”

It’s a suggestion for a new way to enjoy sake.

This is a brown bottle from the green wine of the summer specification, and the liquor on the right looks good.

It’s getting a good feeling.

Well this time, let’s buy a summer

It is important to be particular about the liquor store in the city that is very sensitive.

Well, I’m thinking of swallowing again.

It is only here today, but I want to stroll in the shopping street

Also, Kanna

 Eating blog ranking にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ    in Japan blog Village Kansai    

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name Yamamoto Liquor Store

Address 1-18-3 Pilsehonmachi, Amagasaki, Hyogo 660-0814, Japan
Phone number 06-6481-2752
Business hours 8:00 ~ 20:00
Closed Thursday
Parking tickets in front of the parking lot
Map Http://
Home Page
Yamamoto Sake Store Blog Http://
Shopping Street home page

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