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Marugen aged soy sauce Ramen noodle shop is OPEN @ Amaru Amagasaki Center Pool Station

Marugen aged soy sauce Ramen noodle shop is OPEN @ Amaru Amagasaki Center Pool Station

Please, push… two… please.
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I don’t expect to be a chain shop.

I came here by using the waiting time of the oil change.

The story of a few days when it is still open

It’s a surprise donkey site.

Is it because the game center site is also combined to make it feel much broader than that?

I’m hungry.

I wonder if I can afford a fee without being embarrassed with such a flyer?

There are many ways to eat.


It is the meat soba of the standard normal here


It seems to be grated yuzu.

Even if I mix it, it doesn’t change so much

Can you serve me comfortably but not accustomed to what kettle?

The energetic appearance of the high school student is glad, too. I guess the guidance is well made.

The sweetness of the soup is just right.

Might be BF preference


The noodles are a little weak.

Is there any way I can feel it growing?


I’m going to play with a cup of tea.

Mud This who’s a laer oil!
To put

Makes much better

The garlic flavor is completely super meat soba.


If you try to put Hare

It turns into a garlic man.

It’s so spicy but it’s delicious!

Then, do you put vinegar in the finish?

Sour Hot Water


It was delicious.

It’s a good ramen.

But I want you to stop the teppanyaki rice, where I ate it.

I did not have a good impression W

If you eat and you get dizzy inside the facility

The former Yakiniku restaurant is the winner.

The Game Center is a super Satake.


The parking lot is a big stink.

That’s the neck, isn’t it?

I’m lonely on weekdays.

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 Eating blog ranking にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ    in Japan blog Village Kansai    

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name Marugen Ramen Amagasaki Amadou
Address 7-1, 660-0083, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo, Japan
Phone number 06-6416-4129
Business hours weekdays/11:00-25:00 (L.O.24:30) Sat/Sun/11:00-25:00 (L.O.24:30)
No closed
Parking at the Amadoo facility is free for up to two hours.
Map Http://
Home Page
Amadeu HP
Eating log Marugen ramen Amagasaki Amadou ( ramen / Amagasaki Center Pool Mae Station , Deyashiki station )






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