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Morning Udon special Feature @ marugame noodle Amagasaki Big Shop open from morning Gili Joy

Morning Udon special Feature @ marugame noodle Amagasaki Big Shop open from morning Gili Joy

Please, push… two… please.
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Well, once upon a time

It was a child who did not drink soup with ramen, udon, or buckwheat noodles.

She finally starts drinking.

Why did it become such a thing?

Actually, it’s better to be healthy than to drink.

But especially in the Japanese soup, it is very weak now.

The scent of dashi is a very stained Japanese.
I don’t eat breakfast very much.

But when you want to eat it, a convenience store onigiri.

Miso Soup OR

Morning udon noodles

It’s open from 7:30am.

I am glad because there is a small person who wants to eat lightly.



It comes often.

‘Ll have is a luxury 280 yen tsukimi seaweed udon

Tempura is fried in the morning.

I’m not even fried.

The onion and the Tenkas are unlimited.

Soup Stock

This is important.

I think this is selling here.

So this is not the store in the Hanshin Amagasaki does not go

What’s not?

Ignore the question on Twitter

Why not?

There’s another place.

No, No.

Put as many as you like.

This is my first time.

W on the Holding feeling

It’s good in the morning.

Breakfast UDON

Heart warming up ~ ~ ~

The udon ball which drops to warm soup

Just wait until you get a good comfort

It’s going to be a gentle udon.
If you’re careless, your eggs will crack.

Was crushed

The collaboration between Dashi and eggs is marshmallow and melts.

I’ll hug you with a tender heart.

What are you talking about?


I’m here again.

This time, udon noodles


180 yen

This is just a good size to me

Just the right size when you want to eat in the morning

Moreover, the price of standing eating

The amount of the put out by oneself is adjusted

But I want to drink a little more, but I’m ashamed to go again and again.

I’ll put it to the cup.

I’m embarrassed, too.

Pretend you don’t know.

Jar Jar

Soup Stock

I want to drink dashi.

It’s hot, but…

I want to drink hot soup.

I’m not free to drink here W

Another day

I don’t want to eat curry udon from the morning.

But can you dilute it? Or something.

As always, jar for a cup of tea

And normal.

Surprisingly, it’s going to be a morning.

Still challenging to try

Drop a little stock of the Cup

Too thin

It was a dork, Mr. Marugame-Sorry
You can keep it feels, but you can dilute it.

You have to have a drink.

Another day

Here’s the famous

Pot fried UDON

This is not a small

Normal size 280 yen


There is a lot of quantity.


I love warm.

Was it during this hot season? It seems to be scolded by a certain principal when being said.

Did you have this, too?


I noticed it recently.

The streets are very

Broth already chilled

Chilled udon noodles

The soup is so good!

There is no acridity of soup stock, so very refreshing.

This is nice.

This stock is a pity from the self-tea

Hot drinking of more pets

Drinking at the last tighten

Oh, happiness.


It might be a little bit hiyatsu this summer

There was a problem, but the morning udon

My occasional breakfast

I’m late.

I have to hurry.

I was in time, W

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Store name Marugame Noodle Amagasaki Big Shop
Address 1-10-1 Showa-dori, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo
Phone number 06-4868-8139
Business hours 11:00 ~ 22:00 (LO 21:30)
No closed
Parking lot Available
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