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Thank you for the night, the kindness of Chikuni bu Amagasaki

Thank you for the night, the kindness of Chikuni bu Amagasaki

Please, push… two… please.
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This atmosphere…

When I enter, it is different from daytime.

At night, the bamboo student drinking…….


It’s a bold but shy general.

And the landlady (mother) who is beautiful and friendly

The night when the expression which cannot be seen by daytime

And day and night, I love the humane shops of this Showa era.

The mystery of Whoa-chan

How many do you seem?

A seemingly scary-looking girl

The truth is very gentle.

Busy at lunch, noisily in the store

It’s a big sound outside…

Whoa-chan jumped out of the store?

What’s that???

I don’t know. I think I went to help burn the bike.

I don’t know what happened in an instant event.

I was surprised, but the dog went out to see.

I feel kind. I look after you.

I can guess that your mother fell in love with such a sense of justice or impersonal

Mother talks about her

When I asked the details of this shop

He is very friendly and speaks in detail.

W The secret of Whoa-chan

I’m from Toyama, and I go to Kansai alone.

She said it was a dream to become a sushi restaurant.

And I rented a house on the second floor of a Soba noodle shop and Neighborhood burn

It’s just that the Soba shop on the first floor is busy, and I want you to help.


I tbk to say so.



No time to go

No matter how much I can afford

I’ve never spoken to you in a words. maybe ten times.

I’m busy with lunch, but I’m very shy!

You care about me eating something different again today

Sorry, I just ordered the back menu

When you are busy, you usually use the menu ^ ^

Night Bamboo Drinking

At last, this opportunity has come.

It may be thanks to Kun. I don’t think you had to bother me at night.
Have you been made to be a good secretary? W

Because it is always so busy in the daytime, there is no room to hear the story.

The night is relaxing

What is the air in this store?

The gap between day and night is accumulate.

Both of them are good.

This day is the highest adviserPrincipal teacherAnd young gourmetsMr. Kozi.And the spark of the role of MasranMa-kun.

Do you want me to taste this color?

If you eat rice, you will be full.

Do something to him.

Well, pretend you like it, Hon.

Roll out

You forgot the picture… this is from the…

It is a principal, Mr. Mogul, Mr. Koji who is discerning

Over ~ ^ ^

The immersed of Dashi

I like it.

Bite and even!

But it’s the same as the tonkatsu of Tonkatsu set meal.

What a mouthful W

I’ve stopped asking too much.

After that, let’s wait for the blog return of the teacher who seems to be busy noisily ^ ^

Back to the story.

More Char Siu

The char siu of this place

It is power to be on something.

Roasted pork Set Meal is not my cup of

Char Siu Curry. Grilled pork is a good role to eat on the menu.

Char siu noodles too ^ ^

Warm taste

The taste is more than obsessed with the atmosphere here. And that’s what it tastes.

Because the neighborhood is a company, it seems to be superfluous.

This kind of restaurant is a noodle shop.

I do not want to be delicious, normal is good… normal is not found easily

So I go a few times and get addicted to it. The atmosphere and humanity?

Sometimes I eat shivering… Because the tension is terrible…

If I’m late, I’m in a hurry.

It’s probably a little out of my mind (^^;

And of surprise

Thank you aunty for your present ^ ^ Whoa-chan

Over 40 years of history…

It has a good taste.

It’s not my home.

There is also a takeaway for cooking.
The people of Nara brought back the fried rice… rumor…

It is about now, but I have been listening to hamachi.
Map Mysteries

But I did not seem to know who gave ○ ^ ^

Are you a customer? It is a feeling.

I thought I would try the back menu series of the Bamboo Raw

Because it seems to hang annoying, W on hold

Back menu when you’re busy, you’re wrong.

Do you understand the reader? W

A shop where people are too good

The time of the Showa era was pleasant at night…


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 Eating blog ranking にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ    in Japan blog Village Kansai    



I hear that the red is a holiday as for the GW calendar.

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Buckwheat noodles (Chikuni bu)
Address 10-12 Nishimagacho, Amagasaki, Hyogo
Phone number 06-6401-7096
Business hours 11:00 ~ 14:00 16:00 ~ 20:00 Closed: Sundays and Holidays, 2012/8/12 ~ 16 Obon Holidays
The ants (18, 19, 20 * 19 are different names, but they can be used if vacant) beside the parking lot.
Map Http:// 
10-15 minutes walk from Hanshin Station, 15-20 minutes walk from Hanshin Amagasaki Station
Eating log Taketo soba ( set meal/restaurant / Big station , Amagasaki Station (Hanshin) )

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