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Amagasaki Ranch Matsuba Soba noodle soup with a product is called.

Amagasaki Ranch Matsuba Soba noodle soup with a product is called.

Please, push… two… please.
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From the Hanshin Amagasaki to a little farther away from the big

There’s a noodle shop.

I used to go a long time ago… some of the Amagasaki post Office streets of East and south

I miss the hit, but I don’t remember.

You can walk around

Oh, I miss you. Oh, my gosh.

The atmosphere has not changed much, but this neighborhood has changed a little ^ ^

Haven’t you been walking around here for 20 years? It became a great old man.


About time?

I’m not even a year old to yearn for old people.

I wonder if clothes begin to look like young children.


One day I remember a thousand yen waiting in the wind around here.

I miss my friend running after me!

I wonder why only one piece was dancing in the mysterious area

The Moss Burger was also in the neighborhood, and nostalgic for the coffee shop which hung out

Kite Ware and Mr. is a little more north? Are you still working hard?

One car! I’ve seen something! I didn’t know for a moment.

The kite-yaki-ya W

I went through the front by car… good timing.

I’m getting happy by myself ^ ^

But when I was young,

A shop that is hard to enter or has never entered

I hung out at fast food and family restaurant, and the powder shop was a hangout when I was young.

When I went to the family restaurant, I talked about the hot band in the drink bar for hours.

Ah ~

A nostalgic instrument is now in the chest or sweat
It’s about time to talk about this.

I’ve been through it many times before.

It is a shop which was not seen when it was young.

The sushi restaurant next door is also a good concern.

I love the soup.This wayPhotos many times

To stretch my legs…

I didn’t see them when I was young, but now I love them.

“Great location and friendly staff”

The tension before entering is unbearable ^ ^


A friendly wife who opens

The kitchen has a cool atmosphere, sir.


The orders are fixed.



“Matsuba Set Meal”

Soba noodles, dashi soup, rice Balls x2

It was an attractive set with the soup stock roll.

“Rice balls are two, right? 」
Can you do it in one? 」

“If I reduce one piece, I can do it with 30 yen.”

So please. 」

If you reduce one rice ball-30 yen.
I didn’t eat it, so I asked for it.

“Buckwheat noodles are recommended for Soba shop” and friendly pine needles for beginners

You’re right about me, ma’am.

In buckwheat noodles! 」


The wife talks to me who seems to be bored before I can.

I visited the land of the saga by a couple, and went to eat a delicious thing

He loves to go out.

The story of the date of two people

The story of the tool shop muscle neighborhood, and the story of Hiranomori

We have a lot of talk about going out.

It seems to me that interesting information is coming out for me who loves to eat and walk.

It’s pretty cool and the story is with the wife of the hall.

I was surprised that your husband also spoke to me.

I was wondering if you don’t like the story.

You were as friendly as your wife ^ ^

I want to come slowly when I have time.

I wanted to ask you a lot more, but I can’t make it in time to eat..;)





The advent of pine needles ^ ^

Shrimp tempura, seaweed, leek, fox, Kamaboko, yuzu the strongest member.

If there is kelp in this, my favorite ingredient series is completed now.

It’s a luxury.

I don’t see much in the set menu of other stores. ^ ^

Eh, too close?

Let’s go away.

It’s like this ^ ^

W in the system by pushing and pulling classy

I would like to have a thick thin, but in the middle

Most of the rich taste is usually found in the restaurant.

But I feel just right

It is a calm system.

Soba is a traditional Kansai system

Is it because of the age that the sit-down image is relieved?


The balance of the shrimp and the cloth is good!

Freshly fried

Big and

This is also good for the tempura to melt into the broth.

I asked for a plum because I had one rice ball ^ ^

Usually, it looks like two pieces of plum and kelp.


The winding-chan is important ^ ^

I thought this atmosphere was a good feeling.

After eating the soup stock that is soaked in broth in certain somewhere, W to care

I was looking for that.

Taste of egg + fragrance + aroma of broth = kindness is amazing

The soup is very tender. What a personality!

I want to eat more.

I want sake!!!!!

I’m at work.

You’ll be late. Go home, sweat.

Anxious Menu
Curry udon noodles and soba noodles
A rice meal
Nabayaki Set Meal
Zaru Soba

W was eating cutlet rice bowl

It’s far away.

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.
Shop name Soba Matsuba
Address 1-11-8 Showa-dori, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo
Phone number 06-6482-7755
Opening hours [Mon-Sat] 11:00 ~ 14:00, 17:00 ~ 20:00 [Public Holidays] 11:00 ~ 14:00
Closed Sundays
No parking
Eating logSoba-Dokoro MatsubaBuckwheat Noodles/Big StationAmagasaki Station (Hanshin)

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