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BAR10kt. (10karat) Ten carat JR Amagasaki is a 5-minute walk from the serene atmosphere

BAR10kt. (10karat) Ten carat JR Amagasaki is a 5-minute walk from the serene atmosphere

Please, push… two… please.
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The shop which was taught to a certain magistrate.

I’ll come in anyway.


Delete all the menus with blur blur.

It’s a bar, right?

The charge seems to be 500 yen.

Calm in-store is cool

I drink quietly…

The shop is also dandy and I’m not a dandy

I decided to decide and I was fascinated by the interior

Because the gentleman makes a drink

I’ll wait quietly.

Guinness Server and ravished

I can trust you.

The cover of the menu is good.

From here, the blur Blur will Iran remove it.

I love the usual gin and tonic tan curry.

The coaster is interesting.

It’s a pun.


I’m in a tone.

Dandyism off.

Only feeling W

Charge 500 yen

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop BAR10kt. (10karat) Ten carats
Address 1-16-19 Sumoto-Dori, Amagasaki mayor, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone number 06-6488-4560
Opening hours: 18:00-26
Closed Sundays
Home Page
Eating log 10kt ( bar / Amagasaki Station (JR))

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