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Budget 30,000 yen trip to Joshinetsu (10) Gunma Local food Mizusawa udon at a reasonable price @ Shibukawa City “Sansho-ya”

Budget 30,000 yen trip to Joshinetsu (10) Gunma Local food Mizusawa udon at a reasonable price @ Shibukawa City “Sansho-ya”

Mizusawa Udon is one of the three major udon noodles Japan

It has roots as a food for sightseeing for the worshippers of Mizusawa Kannon from the original,
The price is also a tourist attraction for udon noodles.

As for the feature, it is transparent compared with other udon in Gunma to make it using the quality water which wells in the vicinity of Mizusawa Kannon.

It is the type to taste the slippery throat unlike the type that the taste of wheat is bitten and tasted like other ground flour udon.

The udon of this area is a small amount of forest udon
Around 800 yen is the market price,
There is a cheap place inside.

The head is this three Shou shop.


There is a place to cut noodles at the entrance 、、、

While we were waiting,
The sound of the knife cutting the noodles is heard from the back.
From order to noodles with udon,
It was a very pleasant and relaxing time.


What, Mori Udon is 500 yen.
Moreover, it is surprised to follow a small bowl.


Then, let’s eat immediately.

It is evidence that there is a ragged feeling.


The juice is slightly diluted.
The flavor of bonito soup is also slightly suppressed.
This is also to taste the original taste of Udon ❔

In the second store of the Osawa shop, it does not reach 100 yen in the morning Udon limited to 9 o’clock on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays, in the Cospa
This is a year-round price…

And this is a handmade 、、、 (^-^)
It is recommended for the priest who sleeps 、、、

The information of the Sansho House of the eating log
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