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Fish shelf in a shopping street or Akashi Park or a walk

Fish shelf in a shopping street or Akashi Park or a walk

Please, push… two… please.
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Grilled Akashi When you eat so much

It’s so full of tummy. It seems to be fat W

Time to open the next shop for a little lunch

Walk again and get hungry

There is the Akashi Municipal Astronomical Science Museum at the next station.

Fish Shelves

It’s still vacant early in the morning.

The shopping street of a local nun that is shorter than I thought is long

It is feeling that the shop was also able to be a visitor to a very visitor, and the rush of the tasting can be received if it is a person.

Careful because it is quite intense

I stopped because I was troubled if I did not cut it w

I’ve been back and forth many times in the morning

The fishing port is just right there and there is a lot of fresh daylight.

They walk again

I’ve never been to a place like this, but who’s going to go?
I miss talking to three guys about how to stay drunk in this place.

Though it was a stop W

Indeed Akashi! Akashi-Yaki.
I love this kind of shop.

I don’t know, but I do have such a big commercial facility.

How many years Buri Akashi?

The next

Akashi Park.

Akashi Castle ruins.

It was a chrysanthemum event.

It’s not interesting…

Most of the people were watching.

A zoo-like chrysanthemum

There is a person who is drawing a picture.


There seems to have been Akashi Castle in this park.

Now there is only a tower. Hey Lonely

Very lonely

Hare If I could show you

I have no choice but to climb

1kg fat.

I wonder….


So long…

But I have a memory that went up in the past

I can’t remember.

It’s a pretty old man.

Awareness is now a burn

It wasn’t that long, but I was walking around.

A lot of foot bread

Arrive at Yagura

They put only one side

I’m not really interested in that.

Are you hungry?


What’s inside?

I’m a volunteer in the community.

I came out immediately after looking inside.

I think I want to hare.

The view of the outside is quite good.
It was so quick.

Peek at the other side of the Yagura


There seems to be something living in the pond below.

I have a network and a parent and child.

It’s a nice garden.

I want a nun to be in this neighborhood!
I have a pretty leg.

It’s a loaf of bread.

How many times did you rent a restroom to Junkudo-san?

Is it good to cut the trip?
It was a naughty cut.

Pretty good.

There were about three walking around here.

Cheap and powerful.

It’s easier than cutting yourself.


Sweat, Adventure

Let’s go to lunch because we are hungry.


You’re going to get angry.

Sorry W

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