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Grilled meat Light @ Amagasaki-shi Hankyu Tsukaguchi’s hormone-ware + baseball player’s shop

Grilled meat Light @ Amagasaki-shi Hankyu Tsukaguchi’s hormone-ware + baseball player’s shop

Please, push… two… please.
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It says to Yakiniku and eats only the hormone.

Loin is greasy to me.

So, I always look for a hormone-yaki shop.


I do not currently have a favorite at Hanshin Amagasaki

I was…

In this economy, we are buying something cheap by

You’re going to have to do it.

I wanted to come once.

It’s pretty famous for the Tsukaguchi hormone.


It is light.

Just south of the intersection of the Itsuhashi line and Hankyu Kobe Line

There are not many menus

You’re holding on to the important things from the old times, you can prepare a salt or sauce with your favorite

I’ll eat Banff National Park.

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The shop which is hard to say is beautiful, taste plenty atmosphere plenty

If you eat hormones like this,

It’s important!

This is general’s big SoftBank fan, no fan from the old coach Akiyama

It looks like a good friend!

It seems to come to eat.


The Hanshin players are coming, too.

A ball or a… Fukuhara or Sekimoto…

I want to harumi a lot of other team players.


It feels completely away.

I feel like a very grilled butcher in town.

I’m going from salt tongue.

Garlic Otkay ~
A lot of garlic will make you forget your job.

The first is to bake.


It’s going to be a lemon sauce.

I like this.


Upper Mino

Hey, come on!


I love Tsuami, so it’s essential.

So far, salt, sauce and salt.

It is a salt fool of me to become salt almost.


My dear Tsulami’s Bend condition is also adorable.

I’m ashamed of my hormone lover’s love of beer.

It’s delicious.

Only in the sauce.

Beautiful, isn’t it?
During the baked

Cold Liquor

The stomach is important.


The sauce is a homemade sag here.

It is a sauce like the miso ponds which I have not usually eaten again.
It’s pretty refreshing to eat.

Tsu-chan is a type that is fat-so-so

I’m looking for the oil removed… No, I’m not.


The atmosphere like the hormone shop in me, the appearance is very good

It’s good to see the smoke on the stove.

It’s just a change of season.

It was still hot… It’s a bit of a caution at that time.

It is a good feeling to eat it quickly though it was lazy.

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name Yakiniku Hikari Mitsu
Address 4-16 Minamitsukaguchi-cho, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo
<!—->Phone number 06-6427-2466
Business Hours 17:00-1:00 pm
Closed every other Wednesday
BlogYakiniku Hikari in TsukaguchiHttp://
Eating logLightHormone/Tsukaguchi Station (Hankyu)

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