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Hometown Sheep Meat Skewer store Osaka Nihonbashi Deep Chinese cuisine @ Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Hometown Sheep Meat Skewer store Osaka Nihonbashi Deep Chinese cuisine @ Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Please, push… two… please.
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I tried to make a master

It is a story that had to be aged a little quickly and give was

I’ve come twice now W

I’ll be a little composite article

Chinese Restaurant… Not a normal Chinese.

Chinese food in the northeast of China, near North Korea

It’s different.

Hey ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The hotel is Ruhewashiku.

You’d better wait in the middle if you want to meet.


It’s prettier than I thought.

It seems to put many in the interior with a clean feeling

I wonder if four seats are separated from the rest.

The shop is probably all Chinese

I feel like I’ve been to a foreign country.

Other people are probably Chinese W.

We have to get along.

Next door to my house

Towards China,

I have to get along W


Sticking out

Three or even one of them seems to be the same amount.

The picture is dead, weep.








The menu looks pretty classy.

Because there are a lot of quantities of the actual dish and thought

I’m happy to ask you to do a skewer.

Come on, I’ve got a skewer ready.


Chinese beer is Qingdao beer.

It’s more atmosphere than delicious.


I can bake it myself here.

I can bake it in the kitchen.

This time, it was half-made.

I want to be selfish


I rememberA certain brotherSee the article

Stir-fry tomatoes and eggs I have to eat this.


There is a lot of quantity.


The skewer is burning.

It’s a good thing.

Pretty nice Feeling

It’s good if you eat soon.

It’s better to have a fire in here.

It’s even better to be on the surface of the Calitt.

Cumin seems to be good when I bake it while sprinkle it.
The red ones are filled with cumin and chili peppers.

It was burnt to a good feeling.

But I’ll burn you off guard.
Sheep are sheep.

The concept does not crumble

The smell of the sheep is almost gone by cumin.

Mutton Mutton Oh yes

Then, Shaoxing wine Rock.

It rises.

Gon 思hazare is good!

This was the next week when it came again.

You taught me what you know when you bake.
While sometimes cutting the fat

It turns out.

Furious furious

I’m dropping the fat on the skewer.

Then, Calit seems to be delicious.

It’s really good when you bake it.
Of course

Gon 思hazare is good ^ ^

I’m afraid of the ten or so lightly

Because cumin also enters the spice of the curry, please imagine that I put a curry taste in a sheep for a moment.

It’s like that.

It burns like a sheep.

You feel like a bird with a smell of lamb and a greasy taste!

Is the freshness of the sheep revived by the spice?

This is a sausage from the left. Sheep streaks and beef streaks
・Nankotsu, bone-cutter, fin meat

Sheep fin Meat
Bali, right?


Oh, I have a sweat that has burnt too much to listen to me weep

This white guy (I think that the person in the shop had gone) is also something brittle texture,

I don’t have any taste, so I’m going to give you another sauce.

It’s good to have two of them in the big one. Split like cheese and eat

None Love the skewer www


The shop is not able to be seen,

I was busy and came to bake it.

It felt good.
I want to eat, eat, www

This is big.

500 yen, but the strongest is delicious.

I love the feeling that gon 思hazare



A photograph of somewhere from a smartphone to this order

-Sorry please let me use the image without permission…

Photo blog here

I’ve ordered two eggs.

This is great!

But it’s going to taste

It is delicious-it is different from the tomato of a little while ago

I’ll do the soy sauce base.

But the lure of the skewer, I still lose I love the skewers and seriously



R0022570[1][1] R0022572[1][1]

I was wondering if you could ask me such a menu.

Insects and….. This is a trap…. I still have to do it.

I think you can eat more than insects…

I’m scared of the source.

I’ve been thinking about it before, but there’s more to it than that.


This is the way to attack the main skewer, skewer favorite word is delicious.

It’s better to have a reservation.

It’s full of people in China.


Oh, I have come to Minami!

Oh, I’m going to take the next store.
The Nun

But I wonder if I could take it a little more cleanly

It’s difficult.

You’re a drunk.

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop (Yanbian Cuisine)
Address 2-17-22, Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
Phone number06-6214-5548
Business hours 17:00 ~ Next 5:00
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