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I’m a fan of playful Shirami-Sakura Shiranami @ Satsuma Shuzo

I’m a fan of playful Shirami-Sakura Shiranami @ Satsuma Shuzo

It is the edge of something like the cousin who is the main. Because there are few fans, please.

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Happy Birthday
Are you drinking? Everyone-W

Thank you again this year

A little article because it is lonely only greetings Hongdae

Shochu Rock and Sweets

I especially love the bean paste.

Salted-eyed burn

Even the best

I don’t know if it’s too much to do with today’s article.


When you envision this and sweets in your head

It’s a little bit connected.

I love white waves.

From the smell of potatoes

I sell it everywhere.

But there was a white wave that I don’t understand.

And I bought it at Tamout.
Pretty playful Toyama’s gold

The same pattern is good for you.

It was cheap w


It’s not that cherry blossoms are in there.

I feel the smell of cherry blossoms when I say so.

You have an easy mind to be manipulated by a foolish tongue and propaganda.

It’s pathetic. Sweat.

Am I the only one who smells sweet enough to choose a dish?

Is the white-wave black still fit?

I’m drinking only black of the white wave

I’m having trouble selling cheap in my neighborhood.

Please tell me if you know the nun.

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Address 26 Kamihommachi, Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Phone number 0993-72-1231
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