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Ippei Restaurant Amagasaki JR Tachibana Joy Town @ Quiz answer Katsudon in mini udon noodles

Ippei Restaurant Amagasaki JR Tachibana Joy Town @ Quiz answer Katsudon in mini udon noodles

Please, push… two… please.
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EH ~ ~ ~A certain masterI came to find the answer to the quiz…

There is a parking lot in the car park.

Because the way is thin, Tachibana is weak.

Feeling completely away sweat

I don’t know much about the Hanshin Amagasaki mansion.

I’m confused by Tachibana coming after a long time


Not a female doctor town. Joy Town It’s a strange feeling to be transformed into a’ll have.

Because it’s my computer? Sweat

It seems to be in a place called

There was a shop in the place which was roughly forecast W

And the shop that I care about is in the basement

I don’t know which way to go.

First, here… the store in the basement is coming up next time. I’ve already gone.

By the time you get inside,

What are you going to do?

It’s fun to have a variety of fun menus!

There is oden, too!


The grandma who had been in the first,

Fried Oyster

The elder brothers of the work clothes

Stamina Grilled Meal




The aroma of soup stock spreads in the store.

I don’t know.

This is good!


After all, I also have a few rice cutlet on the www

In my bad habit, I do not go to the rice bowl if you ask, Katsu-Don or others rice bowl

The bamboo student burns separately.

It is the best if there is a mini cutlet rice bowl.

There is a time when I want to go udon main.


It’s here.

The vessel is together ^ ^

I’m glad you found it.

You can change the miso soup which is attached to the Cutlet bowl to the mini udon.

+ 100 yen

R0025522 - コピー[1]
Like this katsudon.

I like onion better than onions, I smiled

Dashi-style cutlet Bowl

The scent of dashi is not like a machine gun.

Afu Afu ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not even.

“YES foreign Love” in the mouth tightly I was pulled feeling W

Well, it’s pretty hard coming in.

It is sweet, but the soup stock is the deciding factor ^ ^ @ Tsu

The cutlet is a little soft, but it’s a bit of a hit.

That’s a charm, isn’t it?


I was here for your purpose ^ ^

To the mini udon, Leek Kamaboko in the heavenly grounds!

The broth in question

It’s different from the thickness of the cutlet bowl.

Udon soup that is very compatible with the taste of thin eyes and does not disturb the rice bowl

Relaxing ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I love it even if the Bonito works more ~ ※ I like the thick bonito soup recently!

A certain masterI’m going to tell you something difficult.


Noodles are

It’s thinner than I think, and when I eat it, I get soft and fluffy, and the waist of a good feeling comes out.

Yes, it feels like this on the waist.

A smooth, white skin.

That’s my preference. I’m kidding. I sweat.

It is not easy to understand in the photograph, but it is feeling that I do not go to ingarden udon with a narrow noodle
Oh, I like this.

But the local people are well aware

It’s very popular.

I’m coming in.


At night

I’m interested in Oden here.

I want to drink. I want to drink.

I want to soaked the broth…

Be in the body

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Restaurant Ippei
Address 1-1-109 Tachibana joytown 1F, 1-chome, Shichimatsu-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo
Phone number 06-6419-4097
Business hours 11:30 ~ 21:00
Closed on Wednesdays and no. 2.4 Thursday
Eating log Ippei ( udon / Tachibana station )


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