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Kitaro is too far from the charm of Osaka Kitashinchi @ Kaku-san ^ ^

Kitaro is too far from the charm of Osaka Kitashinchi @ Kaku-san ^ ^

It’s coming down!!! Please, push… two… please.
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A certain liquor please brotherAnd met in Osaka

I’m drunk, and I’m going to invite you.

Loving is tense.

It is only two people for the first time W

Even if I’m drunk, I still have a feeling of tension.

It was really fun though.
I udon sushi or something.

I chose Sushi… -Sorry Hunks

I was brought to a shop where I was calm like this.

Sushi Shop is tense. I’m drunk, but I can’t talk to you.

~ ~ ~ ~
Oh, my gosh.

Order anyway

My brother doesn’t seem to get into it anymore.

Thank you very much for your flushed at first.

Floor section

It’s delicious. I like it.

I like boiled shellfish and loving

It’s Delicious ~ ^ ^
The Octopus sucker is delicious.

Enough for me.

Even if you look at the above, I feel like I have become as well as I can understand these days.

Overconfident and bearish is a racial not sure well

Assorted whales

Take a drink! I wanted to do it, but now I’m drunk

Shochu Grog W

I don’t know what the price is.

Are there any shops that are doing so late?

The whale was also delicious.


He’s stealing his brother’s.

I’ve been doing this buddy-buddy

Natto Roll!

Silver cod?

It was a moist grilled fish… Very reasonable ^ ^
I’d like to have a handful of stomach from you.

I’d like a sea bream, please.
It was a puta. You can eat lots of coma.

I’ll do it… Did you do a handful of 300 yen evenly? Maybe I’m going to sweat

I had a lot of rice.

I want to visit again when I have a tummy.

There was this, too.

This is also a piggyback

It’s a soup.


I’ll get a smile, lid-chan

It was a soup of mushrooms and Hamo

What are you doing after you’re drunk?

It’s a luxury!

I’m going to take this year’s first!


yes… It was pretty wonderful world.

Finish ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m pretty much in trouble.


My brother loving cool.

It is cool even if it sees from the man, and I do not know from the woman though it is good!

Is it a charisma? ?
I admire you.
Even if I get drunk on that, I’m very sorry that quiet me so good.

But I think

It was a person who seemed to be more approachable.

Thank you to loving, but it was like I’m dreaming extra drunk…

Please go out if it is good by all means W

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Store name Kitashinchi Kitaro Hisashi
Address Osaka-shi Kita-ku Sonezaki Shinchi 1-7-6 Shin-Japan new building Higashi-kan 1F
Phone number 06-6348-2388
Opening hours: 18:00 ~ Next 4:00
Closed Sundays
Map Http://
Eating log ( sushi / Ohe-bashi station, Kitashinchi station , Higashi-Umeda station )

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