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Kite Plum Honten @ old-fashioned top Kanoya kanto-boiled oden shop Osaka Nihonbashi

Kite Plum Honten @ old-fashioned top Kanoya kanto-boiled oden shop Osaka Nihonbashi

Could you just press? 2……..
They both came up to the top ten… Don and fell sweat
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Sunday night is just a closed shop.

In this neighborhood, it is the Oden shop which becomes 168 years since the founding of the 1st year of Hiroshi (1844).

It seems to be here “old Plum”.

I know the name of Umeda, but it’s the first time to enter.

I got a good place to go.


The atmosphere from the appearance is amazing…

Do not shake, sweat

Don’t get drunk-W



Even if it is said Oden, a high-class whale is main.

A whale in Oden! It’s a posh home.



Sticking yarn on the con

The scent of bonito is soaked

And classy.

The appetizer is delicious, the law of Delicious.

I get excited even if I’m drunk.

Handmade tin top Warm cup by craftsman

It seems to be the one made by thinking not to wake up sake. This 13500 yen

It’s a lifetime.

Because it was late time, the Octopus Honeydew and Twitter of the popular menu are no longer there.

Wow, sorry.

What did you ask for?

It must have been a whale streak.

I think it’s the last of these days.

This is the whale streak of the gentleman next door.


It seems to use this tag instead of the voucher.
This is also good taste.
Yes, I’ll be offended by the article.

After all there is no trivia, and still eat good stuff

It’s still good.

Because it becomes study, and the balance of the price is thought.


What is this?

No memo.
There’s no memory here, weep.

I love the tasty greens of Oden… Boil it quickly and smell it.

A favorite scent of whoa-chan

The scent I hated in the past… I’m a great uncle.

But whatever it is,

After all, this bonito soup is going to hurt my body.




I changed the setting of a photo.

Interior and exterior photography isn’t it always better?

It’s a bit of trial and error.


A high-quality oden shop.

Once you have something like this, you have to taste it.

“Gon 思hazare” is the best.

Seems to get stuck

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop Name Octopus Plum
Address 1-1-8 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
Phone number 06-6211-6201
Business hours weekdays 17:00 ~ 22:50 (L.O. 22:30)
Saturdays, Sundays 11:30 ~ 14:30 ・ 17:00 ~ 22:50 (L.O. 22:30)
Open all year round (excluding New Year’s holidays)
Eating logKite Plum HontenOden/Nihonbashi StationKintetsu Nihonbashi StationOsaka Namba Station

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