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Make your own meat sucking. The recipe is not suitable for you like ∟.

Make your own meat sucking. The recipe is not suitable for you like ∟.

Please, push… two… please.
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The meat sucking that I ate in Chitose the other

There seems to be a recipe on the home page of Miyane ya.

Ingredients, beef, green onion, egg
Soup Stock: 30g boiled water 1 liter
I put a small mouth oil 80cc and 1 teaspoon of sugar in one liter of the bonito.

So let me try.
Soy sauce is hard to do as it is,
Bonito kelp soup, sake, mirin, and salt were suitably added to the foot.
Did you have any sugar?

If you add only soup stock, it certainly Chitose.

There’s no atmosphere in the house.

It is “quiet word cooking study” to improve it every day suitably to the taste that I want to eat on that day

This time, I make a lot and eat a lot

The concept of taking a rest and eating at home

I wish I could put some udon in there.

If you still have a beef bowl or someone else’s bowl

I cut off a beef steak 300g at a supermarket in the neighborhood.

The pack which seems to be good in the balance thought that the fat also important

I tried to pick a episode amateur

I don’t even know if it’s correct.

Pour in a lot of kelp

Blend in water for 30 minutes to 1 hour

On fire

Do not boil with a fire below medium heat, slowly boil to the front

I try to taste it when it boils.

If you get a taste of kelp, you can smell kelp if you overdo it too much.
I think that I do not have to put kelp so much w
Remained and Sweat

Take out the kelp

Then, the kelp dashi is boiled and the bonito is poured.
About 20 minutes as long as the recipe is about medium heat

I didn’t make it Bokoboko, but I don’t know if it is correct.

Your first dashi success

If you’re a beginner, you can do it.

Next, add a beef chop cut.

Remove the drill-chan firmly

If you can

Add eggs and scallions and boil them with one.


Because it is not cut neatly by the massage

Do not look finely W

Yes, it was too much to take a picture of lol

To boil the egg is a disturbing smell.

I just dropped it this time.



The taste of meat is melted.

No, it’s a house. It’s good enough.

Well, once.
I can barely eat the eggs.

It is also the formal W

Well, it seems to be Chitose even if I make it normally as a recipe.

People who do not like spicy soy sauce, I think if you can make a proper improvement to your liking

You can put tofu in your favorite ingredients.

I think that I am original.

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