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Not hot combat scene “SSSS. GRIDMAN “Review!

Not hot combat scene “SSSS. GRIDMAN “Review!



Not hot combat scene “SSSS. GRIDMAN “Review!



Broadcast time Fall 2018 Anime
Original Lightning Superman grid man (special effects works)
Official site Https://

The first-year high school student, who lives in the Azalea stand, had a memory loss when he woke up one day.
And Yuta encounters the hyper-agent grid man which is reflected in an old personal computer.
The grid man speaks of his mission, and Yuta begins to look for the meaning and memory of the word.
As Grittmann, the story of fighting the monster began.


Evaluation score: 52 points ★★ ☆ ☆


I expected it because it was a topic work.

In the exquisite thickness of the thigh of the heroine, the anime buzz lightly in some neighborhoods.
I was also a resident of the neighborhood, where I learned this anime for the first time.

Then, the remake of the old special effects work, the high-quality drawing of the TRIGGER production, and the OP to sing, and the contents seemed to be expected.

In fact, even after the buzz once, it continues to become a topic from the height of the quality.
Therefore, I also had a high expectation in this work.


As a result of watching, I have to say that it was a pity anime as an impression.

The TRIGGER’s work tends to be a lot of work to cut off the ear sewer, but now the work is far from out of the cut, without being drawn from the beginning, it was a lazy work.
The drawing is not bad either.
Not a devastating screenplay.
The production is not abnormal either.

However, it is not interesting.
Why is that?


Cara de za is still the best

First of all, let’s compliment it before it enters the useless putting out.

What was the best in the work now was Cara de za.
This is the most sad anime…

I personally like the TRIGGER character Deza, but now the work is especially good character de za.
The girl is cute and the man is cool.
Especially, I love the design of the sub-characters such as Soulcalibur.

It is not only a character, and the design which made the brave robo of the grid man a stylish feeling is also wonderful.
It is a remake of special effects, but it is expected that it was quite difficult to drop the design into the modern style, but it is truly a feeling that it is not discomfort.


Not only character design, but also movement is firmly.
It moves well when the character moves, and the battle scene of the CG monster and the grid man was better than the imagination.
If only visual, it can be said a good animation.


And, the cuteness of the main heroine of the topic is powerful.
Not only Cara de Za, as a character, real JK feeling is terrific.
Not too much, not too neat, not too unreal.

It was a heroine with a unique charm.
Honestly, I would say that only the cuteness of Tachibana-chan, the main heroine, was attractive at the beginning.


However, besides the charm of this character de Za and heroine, there is little charm of the work now.
This is a great work on the screen, but why was it not so interesting in the end?


Not hot enough to be surprised…

The most important part of the anime is the battle scene, which is a huge hero like the movie.

As previously mentioned, the quality of the drawing is very high.
It’s cool, and the quality seems to be normal.

In addition, the production and development of the Royal Road is also added here.
Combine with friends, destroy.
Drills and missile skills like the brave series.
A reversal play from a pinch.

It does not become hot at all though it is a succession of such a positive element for some reason.
It is not possible to think “it is hot” heartily.


The reason for this is very clear.

It is because there is no charm in the character fighting.
No, to be precise, there is no drama that characters are unfolding behind the battle.

“It’s a hot deployment! What do people think when they see it?
It is not a reversal play, the coalescence scene, nor the awakening scene.
Of course, it is a hot scene in the production in the sight, and these are not the nucleus though it appears to be excited about such a scene at the first glance.

It is a drama of characters who think that people are hot at the back of such a flashy screen.
It is a scene where characters ‘ thoughts intersect and collide.
It is a battle scene, and there, it is a reversal play and the awakening scene, and directing is piled up.
We are not hot in the deployment, it is hot to the thoughts of the characters behind them.


Now the work is not understood at all.

The grid man fights the monster every time.
But for what?
I don’t know.
The main character is just being caught.
So even around him.

However, it is only fighting because it is attacked by the monster, and “It seems to be serious”.
Therefore, it does not become hot.

This goes on until the final inning. No kidding.
Even if the presence of the rival character and the heroine that anti-you are prepared, the hero does not only concern them on the surface.

There is no episode where characters are related.
In particular, there are episodes related to the hero fighting become a grid man.
So the battle scene is not hot and it becomes an uninteresting anime…


I expected the midfield to be a little bit…

It was likely to become a little interesting when seeing until the midfield while putting up the battle scene which did not burn at all.

Especially, the drama was likely to be born with the center of Tachibana which is the heroine.
Specifically, the relationship between Tachibana and Akane, which is the enemy.
The relationship between anti-you and Tachibana.
And, the drama of two people that the main character begins to be conscious of Tachibana.

The signal that this drama starts is drawn in the midfield.
My expectation was increased to this.
At last, I was looking forward to whether the digging of the character that was not done at all is done.

However, these were not drawn as a result.
It is only i匂wasemasu the atmosphere.
I did not think that I drew it as an episode.
If you could draw a relationship centered around such a heroine, the evaluation would have been quite different.

In truth, it should be the main character at the center of these episodes…


Directing the daily scene on purpose?

It was a sober mind, other than the battle scene, everyday scene, something flat feeling is amazing.

As I mentioned earlier, because there is no drama between the characters, there will be because, it is enough to think that in creating such an atmosphere dare.
I feel that the atmosphere of Dara is similar to Japan live-action work.

The thing I was particularly concerned about was that there was almost no BGM.
Even if there is a little more BGM than ordinary animation, this work does not have abnormal sound about the daily scene.

From such a place, it might have made it to a flat feeling by the remake of a special effects work as a dare directing.
However, there was a hard one for me who was not accustomed to this…


Experimental work from tokusatsu to anime

I am not a special effects fan, and do not watch the grid man of the original.

So maybe a special effects fan might enjoy it.
However, this work is infinitely close to the kitsch if it sees as a single animation.

The climax of the middle, cuteness of the heroine, taking into account the goodness of the drawing, I stopped treating kitsch tentatively, close to kitsch endlessly.
It was a really disappointing work that I had hoped for.


However, an attempt like the experiment of changing from a new animation and the special effects to the animation might be the points which should be evaluated when the last scene of the final time is seen.
If this was done under the high quality of the script, it would be a God’s work, so I really do not want to.


Because I forgot to write, it has become the last, ED and the OP of Oishi’s brother sings, the ed feeling full Open is a wonderful.
Repeat required.

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