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Original Omurice shop Polaris Umeda Store (inside the B2 floor of Daimaru Umeda Shop) @ old-fashioned taste why nostalgic

Original Omurice shop Polaris Umeda Store (inside the B2 floor of Daimaru Umeda Shop) @ old-fashioned taste why nostalgic

Please, push… two… please.
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It’s like a hangover.

But I wanted to come here.

I went to the head office, but I was not energetic, so I winner to Umeda for five minutes in Direct Express.

But I lifted a heavy waist with a considerable power to come here W

I don’t know. Sweat.

It is the original shop Polaris of Omurice.

I was born for the first time in this shop in the Taisho era,

It’s the beginning of Omurice.

It doesn’t matter, does it? But don’t you care about the original?

Sometimes you want to soak up the old omurice.

Ask for a set

Chicken Omurice with three shrimp fries and miso soup.


Other than that, such a menu

The omurice of the mushroom is popular in elderly aunty



It is a place where you can eat to take home upstairs.

Because shoppers walk around behind

It’s a bit of a calm place to eat.

I wanted to go to the head office to eat in the parlor

I have no choice but to tell you.



What is this?

What an attractive OM-chan



Even up ~ What a cute charming OM-chan

Here also up section

Is it delicious?

I didn’t expect to be born in the Taisho era.

A lot of rustic feeling. It’s still delicious…

What a great smell.

It’s nice to have the inner egg half-boiled.

Omurice on the body itself, do not think dark

The ketchup taste of rice diluted

Eat eggs with ketchup sauce on top

It was good to know that I like this kind of sharpness inside and out.

The omurice of the Chinese restaurant is good, but the Japanese-style ocean is good

I like the soy sauce.

No expectation of fried shrimp

A crispy robe

Shrimp smaller than inside

Omurice to accelerate

I’m glad you came.

It’s a good meeting… I’m ashamed of not having eaten until now.

Good to eat.

Plus Al F far the funny thing is the Beni Ginger

A good word again

A lot of ketchup rice.

It’s fun to mix.

This is all right.
Something nostalgic

No, it’s delicious. They’re loved by everyone.

I want a young child to eat.

I was a little worried about what kind of course is at the head office?

Dwarf (Kotonasiku) is a single person

Chicken Rice 1 servings and shrimp fry, half miso soup

Ended up eating.

I’m sure you like it, but you’re going to be fat.

Just like the parents, B-class.

I don’t know how to do that.

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop Omurice Polaris Daimaru Umeda Store
Address 〒 530-8202 Osaka, Osaka, Kita-ku, Umeda 3-1-1 (B2F Daimaru Umeda Store)
Phone number 06-6344-3999
Business hours 10:00 ~ 21:00 (Please check department store time
Closed same as department store
Home Page
Eating log polaris Daimaru Umeda ( omurice / Umeda Station (Hanshin), Osaka Station , Umeda Station (Osaka Municipal))

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