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SKB3 in Hanshin Amagasaki @ deep Game

SKB3 in Hanshin Amagasaki @ deep Game

Please, push… two… please.
Go to eating Blog ranking  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ  Japan Blog Village Kansai Street  

Two of the most famous gourmet bloggers, they seem to have been ripped off.

Big brotherCame to the nun

MasterAlso came to the nun

Was called to the local

Then let’s go ^ ^


I’m surprised at the sudden teaser

Where are you going?

They’re both warming up.


“I eat oden.

You come here.

It is a teacher’s favorite place.

Oden in winter
Tempura in summer

It’s such an old-fashioned drink.

I like the old man smelling

So, I’m a reader.

I’m mistaken for an old man.

The mood is in the twenties because it is unexpectedly young to fit

I don’t know which one it is.
Please drink a big voice.

To say in front of Mr. Kaku

I said someone W


I’m hungry.

Thick Fried and Stripes

I have a tofu system and a stripe is required

Mr. Kaku

Konnyaku and Yarn Konnyaku

Konjac Konnyaku and healthy this year is the Web


Mr. Tsukune and Tofu

I’m glad to have a tangle of tofu!
The people who are always ate yes

It loss to come to the nun and to take it, but only leaving it to Mr. scooped

Let’s go deep deep deep


Go and drink.

The dives warmed up.

I’ll get it cold.


Yes, I have a face.

I want a face.

An heirloom when ^ ^

I’m in a conversation.

What did you tell her?

Secret? W

There are some gourmet people here.
It’s a good restaurant story.

I have a lot of spoiled in my place, and I have to apologize to you.

I only put sentences of the level below the elementary school.

I have been practicing. Sweat

Sorry W

Discourage out
It’s like eating hormones.
Deep-flavored hormones

To accelerate the deep.

A shop with a taste of the atmosphere

The teacher says that it is different from Kagoshima and thinks that it is not.

It’s like eating some cheese.

Well, it’s early.

Everyone seems to be busy.

Everyone has a lot of traps

Hang on


One day I like to Donryu with these pretty people.

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