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Takoyaki-Kofuku Amagasaki store @ Hanshin Amagasaki Chuo Shopping Street The hospitality is pleasant

Takoyaki-Kofuku Amagasaki store @ Hanshin Amagasaki Chuo Shopping Street The hospitality is pleasant

Please, push… two… please.
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Well, I’ve been through this before.

But it’s very important to be in a shop that’s hard to get into.

The feeling of Takoyaki and new development!

Let’s go home today… we can eat in the shop.

The signboard looks like the owner’s face.

Just glasses or W

In a loud voice

I was attracted to the shop owner attracting me.

It feels good.

The hospitality, taste, and the Cospa are all important three great evaluations

I’m not going to have any more of that.


So that’s 32 yen per piece Yes

Do it, Inaba

I have calculated the burn while writing… Yes, is this normal?

Takoyaki likes cheap

I think it’s a good idea not to enter the kite

The cheapest one is 14 and 5 yen in this area.

Are you in the shopping district?

The service value rises because there is various taste.


The kite is good, isn’t it?

I should have eaten this.

The kite is important.

It is also good to enjoy various flavors in the store!

Baked Kite only?

I’m sorry, I have a similar shop.


I don’t like sauces most recently.

Salt is the best. Then soy sauce. The source

I think it’s a wicked way.

What a store is said to be the original! Wasn’t it?

Sweet sauce is a staple of Takoyaki.

I think it would be better to differentiate it from the source.

The sweet one will receive it.

I love the guy.

It smells good because nothing disturbs.

It is the takoyaki of the Flotro system.

What I want to do is Carut my favorite.

I’m not going to have a massage.

I can’t help it because I brought it back.

In the Fluffy-chan and


The octopus of this size is in the price.


It’s going to be tough.

Takoyaki War…

I did the same price over there.

However, the taste is a favorite, and the character of the customer is splendid.

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name Takoyaki Kite Fuku Amagasaki
Address 4-164 Kanda Nakadori, Amagasaki, Hyogo
Phone number 06-6418-2309
Opening hours: 10:00-20:00
Closed irregular
Eating log Takoyaki, Kofuku Amagasaki ( takoyaki / Amagasaki Station (Hanshin), Deyashiki station )

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