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Umeda Sanboa @ highball and egg butter steamed in Osaka Shin-Umeda Esophageal District

Umeda Sanboa @ highball and egg butter steamed in Osaka Shin-Umeda Esophageal District

Please push… two… the window opens. I know the order of the present.
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Take a break.

Next came here

Woomedsanboa… the other day, you did a holiday.






Slide the Door




Oh, I had it from the opening hours at 15:00, but I did weekdays!

It’s Saturday at 13:00. Let’s go.

Oh, no.


I will take you to the end of the reluctantly.

The foreign people came, too…

I do not see the other side W


The atmosphere in the dining area is completely different

It is in the store.

Relax in a different world

I enjoy it quietly.


There seem to be a lot of FAN like that.

Considerably older people sit in chairs and bluff

The son of a Saint-Boa, or even a drinking bluff

The people who like mountain climbing do not drink. I’ve been thinking about it before.

The elderly couple of the back chair returns.
To everyone

It is W

Even muttering in my mind that it’s full of people
It’s just a homey customer,

There were a lot of people like that.

It’s like a family like Sanboa.


The master seems to like climbing.

The ears is set up in the end. I

The regulars seem to stop on the way back to the mountain, and it’s nice to use such a bar.

I also have a lot of interest in mountain climbing, but I think it would be good to be an old man.

It might be soon after all W

Well, there are trickles stories that don’t spread in particular. I’m writing here www

Highball and moist adult Buri is also good stretch

This is usually double-thick.

Each bottle is chilled, so there is no ice highball

A device that does not fade because it does not put ice

Is the powder that is the last one of the Palatsu salt? Is the sweetness increased?

Salt beans sticking out 200 yen

I’m a little embarrassed when it comes out crisp and crunchy sound ^ ^
Munch too much and

I’m not an adult.

Cool Goods well. In a short time.

It is a selfish ideal to eat drinking.

The master who speaks with a regular

Recently, there are many elderly people who are still young, but it is now much more expensive to wear them. “

“Young people are more likely to come and change generations, and everyone is dead.”

The number of young people who do not drink is increasing.

It’s not so W

I’m a fool to be drunk in highball while you think
When you come here, I steamed egg butter.

I wanted to eat this.

It hardens if it does not stir as soon as it comes.

The master told me to mix it up as soon as possible.

What do you say, early?
A crawl


Abrams rolls his

I can do it.

Oh, my.

It looks so yummy, right?

This is a highball…

This is a Mari-W

It is my boom to eat every time.

Gin and Tonic is a must


Ladies and girls, regulars…

The couple next door are regulars here.

The bar seems to come even if it becomes the body which cannot drink sake.

There’s also a non-alcoholic cocktail, so it’s nice to be able to get together for a couple of drinks.

I temperatures a good time.

I’m so happy.

I thought it was a very unfriendly place.

I felt that it was a very warm shop.

I will come again. It’s very convenient.

The daytime BAR is good.

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.
Shop name Umeda Sanboa
Address 2F Shin-Umeda esophageal 9-26, Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
Phone number 06-6312-8987
Business hours weekdays 15:00-23:00 Saturday 13:00 ~ 20:00
Closed on Sundays and public holidays
Eating logUmeda SanboaPub/Umeda Station (Osaka Municipal)Osaka StationUmeda Station (Hankyu)

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