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A long-established skewer with no beer at the store at Honda Skewer and… #JR立花 Nishinamba-cho, Amagasaki city

A long-established skewer with no beer at the store at Honda Skewer and… #JR立花 Nishinamba-cho, Amagasaki city

Please lend a little power because the development of Hanshin Amagasaki will come near if you can push two pieces.

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Today’s quiet word

I forgot the car inspection, and it is a deep. This is an idiot. Surprisingly natural.

One day suddenly, please try to come,

It is a shop that I was taught secretly by a DM to a reader

There seems to be a skewer cutlet which I want to teach though I do not want to teach. Everyone was good !

It was raining on this day.

It was far to walk, and the bike stopped because it was wet in the rain.

I’ll go by car.

One way is full.

Just a coin parking in front of the store!

In the old days, this style is trickles, but I don’t know how delicious this shop is.


Two tables (four seats) in the shop is pretty bright and simple

It’s like a house.

Because it is lunch, the craftsmen and the salesman who visit for lunch, and

The residents of the neighborhood have a plate,

There are many people to take home.

People are coming to me (^_^;)

The seats are like ordinary, old-fashioned cafeterias.

The order seems to be written in the memo, and it writes with a dirty character. It’s a poor breeze.


There is also a set meal.

This is a set of five skewers + rice with miso soup and a bowl.

There is also a single rice (large and small)

The most problematic thing is that there are no drinks (^_^;)

You have to bring your own.

I lost my way to come here.

It’s fun to have a day off beer.

Mail the trouble.

Because I received it, I have to come to the trap ^ ^


I’m going to order you to say something.

Give your father permission to shoot!

“Can I have a photo taken? 」

Why? Industrial espionage? 」

It’s not like that.


“Not So”

Are you kidding me? Funny Dad ^ ^

The shop owner who stands in the fried field, I was very serious at this time I thought that something scary,

After eating, the peak of the customer is too

Talk to me so friendly.

When I look at that deep-fried, I feel like a craftsman.


It is a spit cutlet that was schooled.


Well, I ordered the miso soup of the set meal.


It is a skewer cutlet of the set meal.

This is a set of five shrimp, beef, onion, squid and potatoes.

It is 800 yen for rice, and the miso soup of a little while ago.


Large rice: 170 yen for 200 yen small 150 yen I think I did it.

Miso soup 70 Yen


I also ate a midget (Kotonasiku), so I ordered a meal (^_^;)

Can eat with no beer? W

The shop owner also cares about you.

“It’s okay ~ buddy. Do you eat so much? 」

“I think it’s OK to eat a midget (Kotonasiku)

(Kotonasiku) also loves B-class gourmet. Hey, eat it.)

“It would be nice if I had to go home.”

(On the other hand, I can’t eat much with beer, so I think it’s okay.

I think I ordered sausage, shrimp squid, squid, meat and potatoes.


Shrimp from 250 yen

It is a skewer where a big shrimp was opened.

It is a feature that the source is put out after it pickled.

That is the Honda style.


It’s okay

The clothes are solid and very delicious!

Sweet sauce also feels good

You’re a bastard? It might be good for W


This is



I do not put it in the photograph,

There is a skewer 150 yen, both of which are stuck.

This is a great cost-performance.

This is a good deal. Absolute deals

Next is the king meat.



It’s hard, but this kind of meat is nice and simple.

Love this fleshy

The Downtown Rustic



There are a lot of people who love Wiener Red W

I miss you.


I was worried that the clothes might be poor because it put out the source ahead.

A strong strong cloth will be able to be firmly

I told you this was a good place.


“Was Buddy come to know where? 」

“I’ve been blogging and I’ve been taught by readers…”

Well, I’ll advertise it on my blog.

“You don’t have to advertise. It is very popular w “


If you bring a plate, you will be able to put the cabbage in the bag.

I’ll be home in the next phone order, takeaway W

Store name Honda Skewer and shop

Address 1-10-26 Nishi-Namba-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo

Phone number 06-6417-3875

Business hours 11:30 ~ 18:00

Closed Monday and Sunday

Coin parking in front of the parking lot

Map Http://

10-20 minutes walk from JR Tachibana, 20 minutes to 35 minutes walk from Hanshin Deyashiki Station
Eating log Honda Skewer and shop ( skewer fried / Tachibana station )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

We are back to the track. M (__) m
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