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A way to get a sushi at a bargain

A way to get a sushi at a bargain

Please, push… two… please.
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I want to eat sushi that is not spinning.

What’s the matter? I’ll consult with my wallet.

And remembered, here

I went to see it because I had gotten the information that I can go to the sushi.


It is one sushi.

The train station is probably pretty good, so there’s no car or car stopping.

I need you to wait in front of the store.

Future strategy: I think the best thing to do is not to wait for the first call.



Negitro and the Iron Fire roll, but the price is like this much

(Tax not included)

It’s cheap.

I was so cheap!

Eel related to soaring eel is wiped out…


Yes voice


Nigiri 1.5 A half-fledged man. 890 yen


The body is thick-The takeaway sushi

It’s better than tuna, too.

I like it.



Shrimp and frost shrimp are different.

It is unexpectedly splendid.

The salmon roe is overflowing with plenty of them.R0022259[1]

I love the yellowtail and the fat on the Corkori.


There was not taking a picture.

I bought one of the 250 yen Negitoro rolls.

This is good.

The fine winding is really good ~

Cospa @ Wow ↑ It is hard to accumulate

In easy

It’s even more delicious.

This thickness of 150 yen

It is very good… Some smell also this price. I smell sensitive.

Most people will be satisfied.

Fine Winding Best ~

150 yen per bottle, I’m going to come here

Take away COSPA sushi is the main thing ~ ~ ~ ~

Recommended! Fine Winding

Health risks or shrimp box sushi?


The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Takeaway Specialty Store
Address 2-14-2 Oshima-machi, Amagasaki, Hyogo
Phone number 06-6426-4993
Business hours 10:30 ~ 19:30 (early)
Closed on Mondays (open on public holidays, closed on Tuesdays)
Eating log ( sushi / Mukogawa-Sou station )

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