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Amagasaki event: 1 million Candle night in Amagasaki 2012 (Tachibana Park) 6/21 18:00 ~

Amagasaki event: 1 million Candle night in Amagasaki 2012 (Tachibana Park) 6/21 18:00 ~

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Today’s quiet word

It is difficult to get information easily while living in nun,


There is such a thing W


I received permission to reprint information on the blog of the Amagasaki sightseeing />/>
Http:// />/>

At Tachibana Park (in front of Chuo Junior High School) in the east side of Amagasaki City Hall

The day after tomorrow, Thursday , June 21 , from 18:00 to 20:00

In two hours, you’re going to throw in a candle light

I like this kind of thing. ^ ^

The electricity to erase the night of the slow,
It is an event to spend gentle and calm.

In Amagasaki , it will be held in Tachibana Park . />

Date:Thursday, June 21, 2012, Summer solstice, 18:00-20:00

Venue: Tachibana Park (east side of Amagasaki City Hall)

Participation Fee: free

Rainy weather: carry out if you can!

Stuff: Chukaman! (For lighting type)


Lighting Ceremony 18:45 ~/>
If you are participating in a candle lighting ceremony, be sure to join your child with an adult.

Candle Art
Children in Amagasaki Elementary School draw large art candles made from the waste oil of school lunch.

Stage Program

/> Playing music under the Stars/>

Booth Corner/>
Various groups open stores.

Sponsored by:One million candle night in Amagasaki Executive Committee

Contact:NPO Community Business Support NET (0798)-23-3738

One million candle night in Amagasaki 2012 announcement site


Because it’s the rainy season, but the weather is not clear these days reluctant

I hope it doesn’t rain, but… about 50% of the precipitation probability (…;)

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