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April 23 (Tue) Akihabara Maid Cafe “Akiba absolute area A. D 2045 “first infiltration…

April 23 (Tue) Akihabara Maid Cafe “Akiba absolute area A. D 2045 “first infiltration…

Good evening, everyone! This time I went to last night (April 23rd) Maid Cafe & BAR in Akihabara,“Akiba absolute area A.” D 2045 “(aka No. 4 store ) will try to write about.
The other day, “Akiba absolute Area A. D 1912 “(aka No. 2 store ) I wrote an article, but the second store is a classical image, such as a time-slip in the past era is the fourth store is made in the image of the near future. The maid clothes changed louver, and it was good in the feeling reminiscent of the maid clothes of the future type.
Well, the reason I went to the fourth store is because I had seen the official Twitter of the shop that the maid Akira ‘s met at the second store the other day is serving at the store No. 4.
I wrote that I met Akira in the previous article.
Akira-san , maid history is a very attractive maid who just became a short-fledged maid, I was the type of person who seems to be my favorite.
Please refer to the official WEBSITE below for information about the shop.
(Reference) The article of the previous one is here.
Because Mr. Akira is serving in a different maid clothes, I changed my plan to go straight home after work and went to Akihabara.
By the way, it becomes a very roundabout move because it is considerably away from the office and the home.
I arrived in Akihabara at 7:30. It was wrong to walk to the third store at first, noticing on the way, and was lost in the vicinity of the fourth shop.
I encountered Akira who was handing out leaflets on the street at such time.
Akira who wears the maid clothes of the shop No. 4 seemed to be a beautiful maid Mr. To illusion like another person.
I was so lucky that she showed me to the shop.
The shop is located on the third floor of a building with a ramen shop called “Busho House” on the first floor, next to the UDX building, which is not less than a 5-minute walk from Akihabara station.
This is the flyer that Akira gave me. The maid clothes are very good design!

The shop was a small scale shop only at the table seat, but the image of the near future or a plurality of monitor screens were installed on the ceiling and the video was flowing.

It has a very bright atmosphere, so anyone can feel free to put it without any resistance.
I sat at a vacant table, and Akira explained the menu and decided to look at it thoroughly.
There is a delicious food and dessert which is a menu different from the second store and the first store.

It’s very colorful and easy to read, and it’s fun to watch.

I decided to order the set menu again, but this time I made it to the dessert set.

The cake which I chose is “Moe culture Parfait”
The set has one cheki, I ordered two additional pieces.

Coffee and dessert were carried, and Mr. Akira put the charm which became delicious here.

The spell at this time was a charm in the pose of peach thinking together with Akira in the last Shop No. 2, she was able to remember me firmly and put it with a smile.
There were about four masters in the store, and I spent time chatting with the maids.
It is not as wide as No. 4 and No. 2 stores and No. 1 store, so the distance between the maid and the maid is in an environment that is easy to converse with.
Three maids were serving on this day, and Mr. Akira was other than Ms. Mugi -san. Everyone, I was the first person to meet, but I had a sense of intimacy because I follow on Twitter.
Mr . Akira and I were very happy to see him because he was a very good friend. Akira-San was a beautiful beauty was very good style dignified with a different look.
Mr. Mugi also came to greet me, and tell me that I was reading a blog from before and claiming to be Momotaro, surprised. It was a beautiful maid who can work hard to be firm in the long maid history.
Conversation between the customer and the maid, and the conversation between the maids enters the ear immediately, so it immediately enters the circle of conversation.
It was a pleasant atmosphere.
In between, I photographed a cheki with Akira and took two shots, and I had them take a solo shot.
Akira-san is a face that seems to be able to be dressed even though the maid clothes are very suitable.

After that, I took a two-shot Cheki in addition to the orchid-san.

In the fourth store, you can take a cheki in this form on the stage.

After this, Mr. N who went to the Koncafé in the Akihabara neighborhood by my follower came and sat at the table next to each other, and spent exchanging the information of the Shop café in Akihabara and the opinion of each other.
Mr. N also by Akira’s pushing, I was glad that the type of taste of the maid and I have in common.
There were several female customers in the store, and there was a feeling of having a good time.
So I stayed for about two hours and it was time for my last order before 22:00.
At this time, Mr. Mugi and ran had a live order from other customers.
Akira has not done the live in the shop yet, and it seems to be able to remember at last.
Akira said that next time I wanted you to order and see, but I thought that I would like to live as well as the other two.
I thought I could have ordered a live if you said earlier, I was able to order the live of Akira in the last minute that I can still order.
After the accounting process was over, the live began, and Akira ‘s first dance was so cute and smiling that I couldn’t believe it.
I thought it was good to see her shining and order live.
When the customer came up, the guest also continued to dance to the light tune and to show the veteran’s live concert.
The last one was a lantern , but here we danced to a cute tune, but it was also a fun and exciting live in the call of the other customers and Mugi-san .
In the absolute area of Akiba , the maids and other maid who will make a live, I want you to experience because it becomes a fun live listening to see the master who ordered it can not be seen easily together.
The concert was over, and the maids were lined up to greet the guests in front of the customer, and we saw them off with a smile.
Mr. Akira was happy that I had ordered that I was able to do the live tense but I was good.
I thought that it might be able to dance more wonderful when the number of live increases in the future and the experience is piled up.
I thought again that it is a shop which entertains to the last minute.

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