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Charcoal grilled meat hormone yamato Nishi-Kujo Shop @ tsurami is rare #阪神西九条駅 JR Nishi-Kujo Station

Charcoal grilled meat hormone yamato Nishi-Kujo Shop @ tsurami is rare #阪神西九条駅 JR Nishi-Kujo Station

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Today’s quiet word

I’m going to Koshien! Cheer or W

I love the day game.

I do not know whether you can take a picture, but it is eaten by.

Yes, small ship license renewal I have to go… I’m glad I realized…;)

If I didn’t go fishing, I might have expired.

This time,

Train Man, Dwarf (Kotonasiku) x up and down the train journey

There is no photograph of the train, and I saw the loop line far. I’m not interested. Sweat

It is likely to fall in the railroad tracks. Joke ^ ^

What ‘s your purpose?

It eats the hormone on the way back.

I like to have a little fat, but this is not a fat

But found something else interesting!

Moe ~ ~ ~

Sashimi of tsulami, mug stab it ~ ~ ~ ~

First Challenge Determination ~

I will be able to service and eat log coupon

The link at the bottom is a surprise.


The slice of the sliced tsuami is a very important point.

It’s different that I think it’s better to spend


Sorry cow, I eat a lot of things.

In a cow’s face and raw! Can you do that?

I’m fine.


I did a lot of things, but I’m not tired of the photos..;)


When the meat is cut very thinly, why does the fat feel sweet?

I was wondering if this was pork shabu.

To cut as thin as possible

Aside from the high meat,

I like the sweetness of the fat very much even with cheap meat.

Moreover, it is piled neatly, and it is elegant and one piece is suddenly

I’ll eat it in Bali.

I’m sure this is a specialty.



From Tsurami favorite Pottery

The Tami of pottery is also quite thin.


It’s pretty juicy though

After all, the pottery wants the bite response, and it is not liking that it is a little thin.

Because it becomes the feeling that it sells it in the supermarket, the yakiniku excitement feeling fades away.

It’s not bad at all, but it’s just a favorite story.

The next came out

This is a set of service times.



With draft beer



The hormone set comes out 1000 yen or so!

You want me to do this one time? I didn’t hear that. m (__) m

In this easy! There are quite a few.

I think that it was pork heart, Coricoli, and Hachianos that I had entered this day.


Change the angle and one more

This set is the best!




Tsu-chan is still a lot of fat now fashionable guy ~ Sorry


Mino Sand


Recently, cloth No excuse me, sen mai

There was no shop to say cloth?


I will bake it to the effect.

A little burnt.

The bar is burnt, the bar is eaten, and the bar is swallow

Take a picture of a bar

Busy W

The satiety Center is broken.

Is it unusual to drink egg soup or something?



My stomach is so rested.

I want to eat rice, too.

Small Rice please


And put the sauce

It’s a rice sauce.

I-sorry to behave badly.

It was a feast.

I like it.-I dunno. hormone-grilled

Are you looking for me again?


It looks like there’s a pot.


The inside of the store is blocks in one person.

The shop where two people become good or

So many people, maybe only one room in the back, about six?



It is located on the road of the OK18 Street in the underpass of JR Nishi Kujo.


The topping menu of the pot is also tentatively ↓






If you take a log coupon to eat, mug Stab is available for service.


Store name Charcoal Yakiniku Hormone Yamato Nishikujo
Address 3-16-24 Nishi Kujo, Konohana-ku, Osaka, Japan

Phone number 06-6468-5507

Business Hours Mon-Sat 11:30 ~ 14:00 17:00 ~ 24:00 (L.O.23:30)
Sunday 17:00 ~ 24:00 (L.O.23:30)

Closed daily


Transportation JR Nishi-Kujo Station, Hanshin Nishi-Kujo station, about a minute.
Home page

Eating Log Hormone Yamato Nishikujo Honten ( Hormone / Nishi-Kujo station , Chidoribashi station , Kujo Station (Osaka Municipal) )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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