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Closed: Karin-WA-Wadaya Group Karaki Specialty Store @ Do you have the courage? #尼崎三和

Closed: Karin-WA-Wadaya Group Karaki Specialty Store @ Do you have the courage? #尼崎三和

I’d like to see you.

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Today’s quiet word

Impossible to track back Amebro… Eating log posts while I.

And it is a full blog slump.

I wonder if the store that the Moyo of the Hanshin Amagasaki has become very, or do not know?

I blame it on the shop, but I might be like a sickness in May.

I think it’s always good to write a word that will cheer you up here.

How do you like to sweat but a B-class gourmet, cheap liquor?

It is a strange blog that hundreds of people have seen me, I think I’ll do a little harder

It went over the other two times.

The first time, I drank a cup, but this time

The second time, a little bit of fun, I think I do not know the interest of this, I drank three cups

Well, I’m going to go inside.

The inside of the shop is covered with tents.

The regulars are having fun and they are popping up happily.

I don’t want to bother you after I get drunk.

I’m quiet. I’m not going to reveal yet lol


A face that I have seen when I look well.

Yeah, I’ve seen that for sure.

Shaking off the courage of the untrained side

I’m sorry, but didn’t you see me somewhere? 」

“Do you have a seat next to the next door in a certain shop?”

“Oh, I was so rude. ^ ^ “

I had a seat next to you at a certain shop.

I was together again in a certain shop ^ ^


You guys are finished.

I want to finish the beer.

I have no choice but to be worried about the fried chicken with the flesh and so yes

You can fry it quickly.

It is very nice to have meat in the cartilage.

I don’t know if Tanba’s chicken is like me.


While listening to your story

Now, I realize that I’m the president of the Wada family group (^_^;)

There was a strange thing when I heard your story.

A young man’s slender older brother who drank casually with the guest.

It was too late to notice.

I’m surprised.

WADA President!

I was really happy to drink it, so I never noticed it.

And then

It’s a very ambitious and full of ambition to hear the story.

Ambition seems to be evil, but for the sake of company development, I have a

😉 I feel like a top…

I studied.


The story goes back but

The basic is like takeaway, and the courageous one drinks and eats in the inside.

Can beer, can Chu Hai, one Cup

Trickles is also available ↓




WADA’s sum of his own!

I envy people who are so clever.


With the entry from different industries, seven stores in just a few years are not great?

I guess you’re a good person to make ends meet.

They admire

And the same age…

I’ve been looking at myself objectively.


The first time I ate the article

I received the fried chicken of the specialty.


4 pieces 280 Yen I don’t know what the other shop is like, but I feel a little expensive.

I think, if there’s a freshly fried itain

It is not possible to experience the taste when I brought it back.

The size is about the standard size.


It is the basic of the juicy fried chicken.

It’s so good.

I want to harumi for people to eat tomorrow.

I do not write because I do not know what to say,

I’d like to finally have a call or something to order.


The Unknown Space

You fragile.

Shop name Karin and fried chicken sum-WA-

Address immediately from 7-178 Sanwa Hondori shopping street R2, Showa-Dori, Amagasaki, Hyogo
Phone number 080-4644-8399
Business hours 13:00 ~ 20:00

Closed irregular holidays (sometimes changing business hours, or because it is a holiday, so far away, it is necessary to confirm)


10-15 minutes walk from Hanshin-Deyashiki station, 15 minutes on foot from Hanshin Amagasaki station
Home page, reference site, etc.

Eating log Karin-wa-Wada family group ( izakaya / Deyashiki station , Amagasaki Station (Hanshin) )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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