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Crispy salted chicken and original chicken @ Kentucky Fried Chicken #阪神尼崎

Crispy salted chicken and original chicken @ Kentucky Fried Chicken #阪神尼崎

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Today’s quiet word

I love chicken that was a word delicious. Speaking of meat, I like chicken in Maine.

I also like hormones.

Kentucky eats too much and heartburn. In general fried food but W

I was so worried about it.

This is a delicious salt chicken.

It seems delicious.

I wanted to bite the original too after a long time.

But it’s not like eating from a hangover day without an appetite.

It is a reckless plan.

A classic


From the original chicken?

The clothes which became cool for some reason are delicious… Beer proceeds


I did a third beer;)

Dark seasoning is damaging to my body

I love it.


The next is for sale now maybe Japan original? .

The texture of the crisp robe, the taste of plump and juicy meat

The “crispy salt chicken” of the catchphrase that the Naruto’s grilled salt and pepper complement


Even if it looks, the surface seems to be fried thoroughly.

It’s different from the original.


I’ll put this on the cliff because it’s covered with pepper.


It became like this,

The impression that I ate ~ ~ ~ ~


The crunchy feeling of the robe is great.

Snack sensation

I commend you Japan Kentucky


I didn’t accept any chicken other than the original in Kentucky.

This is

I’m an ant.

I was eating three originals.

Two originals, one salt chicken or the other

I thought it was good.

I bought a hare at Lawson on my way home.

I bought Hare, but I still need alcohol.

These are neglected


Fanta’s fruit punch was my favorite,

I was a fan when I went out when I was a little lives. From

An inspiring reunion

And then

It is a Mets cola that the right cola is terrific, and it is a special health food .

It is a guy who suppresses the liposuction of fat.

I love carbonated drinks

This will be the support of my heart that worries with visceral fat from now on.

Can I mix this with whiskey? W


I don’t want to drink beer.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Hanshin Amagasaki Store

Address 3-33 Kanda Nakadori, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture (Chuo Shoten)

Phone number 06-6414-2478

Business hours 10:00 ~ 21:00

No parking

Map Http://

Transportation from Hanshin Amagasaki Station 5 to 10 minutes walk
Home Page

Eating log Kentucky Fried Chicken Hanshin Amagasaki ( Hamburger / Amagasaki Station (Hanshin) , Deyashiki station )

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