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Cup Noodle light @ ice noodles is such a blog is a day off, but a bonus article

Cup Noodle light @ ice noodles is such a blog is a day off, but a bonus article

Please, push… two… please.
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Well, it’s almost the end of summer.

Because I forgot such an article, it is still as easy as usual today

I have a cup of boudle light,

You can eat this in cold noodles.

I’m going to do it.

I bought it at the supermarket.


Put the hot water to the line first, and then loosen the noodles and stir well.

They put a lot of ice If the taste is thick, I think that I should foot it later.

The ideal is to push the ice to the bottom of the noodle and mix it in three minutes in the whole process.

Indeed, Nissin

Well, I can think of this.

This is really good for hot days, it’s all too light.

It’s a hot day.

Chile Tomato Light and cup noodle light, it seems to be recommended.

I think it is recommended for Nissin because it is easy to mix it with ice because the inside is small.

I’m still remains tomatoes Chile so I’ll try it.

It is delicious because it eats occasionally-cup noodles?


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