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Do you want to be self-responsible? Raw lever eat year @ Domestic Hormone specialty Store #尼崎

Do you want to be self-responsible? Raw lever eat year @ Domestic Hormone specialty Store #尼崎

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Today’s quiet word

Is it raining today? A train or a bus?

I’m going to go to Takarazuka to eat a lot of taste!

Can you eat only one piece?

Dare write on July 1st W

Raw lever I can trust it myself and I’ll eat it all the time!

Don’t you have all the raw stuff? Mr. Manager? W

The one word was delicious,

I also eat the raw lever at my own risk from July.

It is a day in front of Oita.

In the morning, go to the cut, and finish lunch early, satiety W

For the renewal of the ship’s license, look for the machine of the proof photo… is there a nun?

I walked… x10.

In the vicinity of the shopping street, from Amagasaki to Izuyashiki-Big to Amagasaki, it is muscle pain

I’m looking around the station…

It was in a Lawson in front of the station.

I’m really impressed !

I tweeted, thank you, Lawson.

Like a fool (^_^;)

In the evening, Yakiniku

I want to eat meat from my purse.

Even if it says the meat, it is a holster.

Well, this neighborhood is the only thing you can think of.

I’m in a row waiting for the meat, I guess it’s going to be good in vogue

I am relieved to live in the shop that is wholesale to the Yakiniku shop.


The buddy of the black-butyl glasses is a good mouth


It might be better not to talk with me so much because it buys it with a drink.

That’s good–that person’s customer service… and everyone is polite and

Like this one W

But the exclusive is black edge kun ^ ^ Love



The fat is being cleaned up here.

Of the Lightly faction

I like it.


I think it’s a stink to make a sauce.


This is the original special sag.

I’ll introduce later W


The manager and the boss are polite.

There is the service which cuts it to a favorite size, too.

Even when it is hot, I put the cold-weather agent in relief.

But this blog, because it is not a professional, forgive me for cooking is not elaborate

I was able to catch it with the smile of the black edge though it was a raw lever eating quietly.


Only 100g ^ ^

I can not eat a lot of normal raw lever, 100g is a lot ^ ^

Because it is cut to the thickness unexpectedly

They litter like beasts.

Sweet ~

Why is it so fresh?

-~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Loving Delicious

But it was too much to eat alone… let’s eat 100g by two people ^ ^

I think I did this Mino sandwich W

Is it good to be hard, or is it better to not oily?

I bought it for a full consultation.

It’s good.

I thought that I should have burnt it with the sauce, but it was too late. ^;)


This is the heart of pork heart

I love it because it’s chewy and pork heart, but it’s also the same as a Yakiniku restaurant.

I like the biting of the pork heart

Is this also sashimi? Black Rim-kun, no disrespect black rim glasses brother


This is my gut, shima.

This is a fashion that has a lot of fat nowadays.

I’m very happy to have the oil dropped.

The thickness is firm and good stuff

But I think it would have been better to marinate it in the sauce.

Just baked in a frying pan as it is.

I think that it was different again when I baked it with the sauce and charcoal.

This is my homemade sauce.

The recipe is a secret… I don’t know.


I might tell you when I advertise W

It is not necessary to advertise the hormone leading shop W


Pork Heart this.

It’s very good!


If you cook by yourself, do you have a person who deliciousness half?

Just bake it and you’ll get full stomach.


It’s better to have a sauce and bake it.

I feel a little wasteful

This is fine, loving.

What’s the big deal? Is it delicious? I care a little W

↓ There are many kinds of fun… and you can see it in consultation, and it is a reference to what to buy next time


大人しく一言美味しかった #関西グルメ食べ歩きブログ t02200165_0640048012013631882t02200165_0640048012013629908



This is a new specialty beef hormone baked.

This is the item I push, too cheap.

Please sell it for this price for a long time… loving, this is too easy…

When I was thinking about eating later, I almost ate up and down, the dwarf who came back.

I’m surprised.

I dunno, umm.




There’s no more.

I’m a hormone man.

I’m pretty much pushing the Amagasaki new specialty hormone ware here.

Other than that, of course, I think that a fresh hormone is sure ^ ^

Yakiniku Party Please www

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Domestic cattle Hormone specialty stores

Variety Meat Basket Moto

Address 2-44-2 Kanda Minami-Dori, Amagasaki, Hyogo

Phone number 06-6413-2901

Business Hours 8:00 ~ 18:00

Closed on the day of the month ※ if there is a change IN irregular tel confirmation required

Transportation 7-minute walk from Hanshin-Deyashiki station 15-minute walk from Hanshin Amagasaki Station in Amagasaki Sanwa shopping street
Home Page


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