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Dumplings Shop Sleepy Sleep (Mimido) Sonezaki store It’s popular on Saturdays. #大阪梅田

Dumplings Shop Sleepy Sleep (Mimido) Sonezaki store It’s popular on Saturdays. #大阪梅田

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Today’s quiet word

I tried to write at the end.

How many years has Ming Ming gone from the Hanshin Amagasaki?

I forgot the taste, I feel like I went a few times…

I also feel like I ate once that Dad bought it with a souvenir.

In Osaka, I went to eat before the concert with a friend of the band.

It seems to be in Mukogawa, so I’m not used to Mukogawa.

To Osaka after all,

To the direct store of Osaka Umeda!


It’s in the alley.

There are quite a lot of customers in the shop.


I yearn for an alley like this

I want to walk in something tipsy

I feel like I can be an adult.


How long will I be a child?

I can’t be an adult at all.

The same as the Dwarf (Kotonasiku) (;)

It’s stupid. I think I’ll do it naturally.


It is anxious that children in the hall of the shop talk about something in Chinese.

I feel like I’m talking about something strange.

Stop, don’t look at me like that… W


Well, don’t make it.

Day Beer Start ^ ^


From draft beer

It looks like it’s on the third floor.



Three, thirteen, and 23rd of each month, dumplings like 210 yen

I’d like dumplings.


Hare done

The surface is so crisp, it’s usually about ^ ^

It was delicious.

It is an absolute hurdle raised and quiet. It’s a bit of a fat mouth.


Fried chicken was delicious.

I love the crisp and the solid clothes.



In Shaoxing wine Rock


I asked for hemp-auntie Tofu in the spicy.

And in Chinese!

No… it is an old man who cannot speak straight Japanese.

You’ll know when you see the sentences. Sweat

It is also doubtful to speak weep


It’s a very spicy and correct answer!

It feels simple and burns more than I thought ^ ^


I felt like I had no choice but to ask Kyoto Ohsho











There are so many kinds of dishes that I have never seen.

There is something I want to eat after seeing it in the master’s place.

Stir-fried wood w

I wanted to eat it, but this time, it eats too much.

It is a Chinese poisoning considerably.

I want to eat Chinese food every day.

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name Dumplings shop sleeping (min min)

Address 2-13-19 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka

Phone number 06-6361-3515

Business Hours Mon-Sat 11:30 ~ 24:00 (L.O.23:30) National Holiday 11:30 ~ 23:00

Closed Sundays


5-13 minutes walk from Osaka Station, Hanshin Umeda Station and Hankyu Umeda Station
Home Page

Eating log Mimido Sonezaki store ( gyoza / Higashi Umeda Station , Umeda station (Hanshin) , Umeda Station (Osaka Municipal ))

Today’s quiet word

My head hurts and the stiff neck is;) terrible.

Is the brain crazy? W

I’m going to settle down with a little work.

I’ve been trying to keep BLOGGING lately… Somehow 15 posts a month at a pace

The blog here has lasted for two years, so I didn’t think I’d put so much of an article on it.

But the seniors bloggers are all amazing.

I give it every day, I respect people who have been doing it for many years.

Considering that, I think that there is not much demand…

It’s a strange feeling… a sentence and a willingness.

I like to eat a little fun.

I’ll go slowly. m (__) m at my own pace

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