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Ekonaka Kitchen “Iroha” → “Hanzen DELI” → “RF1”

Ekonaka Kitchen “Iroha” → “Hanzen DELI” → “RF1”

Today (a few days ago)

Espal Sendai Main Building B1 B1F, Chuo 1-chome, Aoba-ku

The kitchen was reopened on April 19

To THE Deli Iroha Espal Sendai storeあし

Buy “laid brown rice rice pack LIMITED box” (1122 yen) of open commemorationビックリマーク

Emergency Openクラッカー

It was six types of entering.



To Hanbije DELIあし

Buy “Kinpa & Chijimi Set” (1080 yen) of open commemoration!!



“RF1 (Earl F. Wang) Espal Sendai store”あし

Buy Open Commemorative “Happy Back” (2500 yen)!!ビックリマーク

Emergency Openクラッカー

Seafood grilled soba, patThailand, fresh spring roll, two salads, two soups, and a cold eco-bag.

The coupon was also included.


Business hours are from 10:00.


I forgot, but have you ever grown a plant?はてなマーク

▼ Today Limited! Blog Stamps



Thank you very much.真顔

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