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Grilled by ya YuYu namba sennichimae @ pork skewers lightly #大阪なんば

Grilled by ya YuYu namba sennichimae @ pork skewers lightly #大阪なんば

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Today’s quiet word

Standing Chan reservation complete! The Pauri ^ ^ sleep

There were four is today yesterday.

I’m drunk.

Now to the article

The shop of the new ground is done several times, and this is the first shop of the grill.

It is near the Sennichimae line.







We start with Sapporo lager beer.

This bottle beer is good.


Meat tofu with Dashi

This place is also in Kitashinchi

It was really delicious.

I’m not saying that.



Pork Tongue W


It’s nice to be a pig or not to smell

I’m sure it’s fresh.

Is the process delicious?

Next, a variety of five skewers



Pork Roses

Pork roses are also delicious ~ Juicy!


The foreground is

Put your rifles.

The guy with the focus on the other side

I forgot haven’t proved.

I don’t have a memo when it matters.


Chichi turnip (mammary gland) and Chille ( spleen )

The tichicub’s fluffy and some coricoli feeling is good.

This is too interesting.

I think I’ve eaten before, but it’s a scent.

That’s why it’s a sauce.


Galmixer or Hai

It is a pity that the syrup is sweet.

Pork skewers are delicious!

The charm of the skewer is great love skewer mon w

It looks like the same series as the Osaka-Yaki Tong Center in the neighborhood of the Standing drinking shop

Shop name Yaki ya yuyu Namba sennichimae

Address 〒 542-0074 2-6-10 sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan

Phone number 06-6643-8108

Business hours 17:00 ~ the next 1:00 (L.O.24:30)

Closed irregular


Transportation Subway Midosuji Line Namba Station about 5 minutes walk
Home Page

Eating log baked ya YuYu sennichimae ( sake / Kintetsu Nihonbashi station , Nihonbashi station , Namba Station (Nankai) )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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